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San Remo Junior Malta 2015

San Remo Junior Malta 2015 is a well known Festival all over the world organized by Societs Kismet srl. - Italy – This is the sixth year that this festival is being organized. It is a singing and musical contest for soloists, to spread and give importance to music and singing among the younger people, putting them in touch with professionals in this sector in an international and multiethnic environment.

Antonella Vassallo on behalf of Stand Out Events announced the next edition of the Sanremo Festival Junior Malta 2015 leading to the participation of Malta in the sixth edition of the international festival Sanremo Junior inside the Teatro Ariston in San Remo, Italy.

The festival is open to children between 6 and 15 years with the final held on Saturday 4 April broadcast on TVM.

Applicants are selected during the auditions will take place on Saturday 28 February

For more information please contact Antonella Vassallo on 7722 1003 or email on or David Muscat on 9945 7784 or email at

Applications are invited Saturday 21 February in PBS Creativity Hub in Gwardamanġa.


There are 2 categories: SINGERS & MUSICIANS, sectioned as follows:

  • Musicians Category : From 6 to 15 years
  • Singers Category:-
  • A. From 6 to 9 years
  • B. From 10 to 12 years
  • C. From 13 to 15 years

First Phase

The organizers this year received a total of 53 application, for the first eliminatory knockout held on Saturday 28 February, 2015, at St.Micheals Foundation, San Ġwann. From them it passed 25 to Final. The members of the jury and foreign maltese, commented that the level was very high.

The Final San Remo Malta will take place on 4 April at the Grandmaster's Suite in Hilton Hotel.

From the 25 children and adolescents that passed to the final, they was sorted into three categories ages ranging between six and 15 years. There will be one winner in each category

The Three winners will represent Malta in San Remo Junior 2015 on 15 April at the Teatro Ariston in San Remo in international competition, solo singers category, in Sanremo Junior 2015 in Italy


The presenter of this show was Elaine Saliba and from time to time Gwilym Bugeja a younger magician made his impresive tricks.

Section – A From 6 to 9 Years

Here are the 5 Participants who passed for the Final and the order how they sing:-

No Singers Songs Year Video
01 Leah Cauchi It's Oh So Quiet 2006 (Click for Video)
02 Martina Cutajar Let It Go 2005 (Click for Video)
03 Albert Lauren Agius E’la Mia Vita 2005 (Click for Video)
04 Kacey Azzopardi Regalero Un Sogno 2005 (Click for Video)
05 Martina Galea Loffreda Mi Sei Scoppiato Dentro Al Cuore 2005

Section – B From 10 to 12 Years

Here are the 11 Participants who passed for the Final and the order how they sing:-

No Singers Songs Year Video
06 Aidan Jay Drakard Se Brucarse la Citta 2003
07 Christina Magrin Mamma Knows Best 2003 (Click for Video)
08 Chanelle Cardona And I’m Telling You 2002 (Click for Video)
09 Haley Azzopardi I Who Have Nothing 2004 (Click for Video)
10 Nicole Hammett Phantom Of The Opera 2002 (Click for Video)
11 Nicole Frendo Turning Tables 2002
12 Demi Galea My Kind Of Love 2003 (Click for Video)
13 Thea Aquilina That’s Life 2004 (Click for Video)
14 Shania Borg Un Amore Cosi Grande
15 Kayley Cuschieri Upside Down 2003 (Click for Video)
16 Milena Bianco Adagio 2002 (Click for Video)

Section – C From 13 to 15 Years

Here are the 9 Participants who passed for the Final and the order how they sing:-

No Singers Songs Year Video
17 Victoria Sciberras This Is A Man’s World 2000 (Click for Video)
18 Ramona Mifsud Shead Rise Like A Phoenix (Click for Video)
19 Martina Micallef I’m Not The Only One 2002
20 Aidan Cassar Love Me Harder 1999 (Click for Video)
21 Isaac Mercieca Clown 2000 (Click for Video)
22 Kelsey Farrugia Strange Birds 2001
23 Nicole Camilleri I Am Changing 2000
24 Kimberley Zarb Il Mare Calmo Della Sera 2000 (Click for Video)
25 Michaela Agius Nella Fantasia


The Jury was composed by seven person was lead by chief judge Mr.Robert Cefai, Owen Caruana, Eviliena Bailey, Mro.Sigmund Mifsud, Dr.Joseph Chetcuti, Monia Russo, Adrian Saliba and Rachel Fabri. They vote from 10 points to 100 points.

Special Guest

The Final San Remo Malta will take place on 4 April at the Grandmaster's Suite in Hilton Hotel, till the results where announced there was an entertament spots by special guest which will invited this year will be the young Italian singer Monia Russo, the San Remo 2009 was sung with Povia Luca non era Gay and Holland's Got Talent, Amira Willighagen, and maltese guest like Kurt Calleja winner of Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with the song This is the Night, Destiny Chukunyere winner of San Remo Junior Malta 2014 and Gran Prix in Italy with the song Respect, and Karl Schembri winner of his section with the sing La Voix and Laetitia Amodio winner of Gran Prix il-Music Category. Beside that there are also special like Kylie Meilak, Sebastian Carl Calleja and talented pianist Alec Carter.

There were also choregraphies provided by St Michael Foundation and Center Stage Dance Academy.

The winners results where this

  • Christina Magrin was known as winner of Gran Prix of San Remo Junior Malta 2015
  • Public Opinion Vote (Televoting):- Albert Lauren Agius was coached by Gillian Attard
  • Audience Vote:- Chanelle Cardona was coached by Priscilla Psaila 'Kaya'.
  • Children Jury Vote:- Section - A - Martina Cutajar was coached by Carlos Vella, Section - B - Christina Magrin, Section - C - Kelsey Farrugia was coached by Gillian Attard

Winners of San Remo.

  • Section A (6 years to 9 years) - Albert Lauren Agius was coached by Gillian Attard
  • Section B (10 years to 12 years) - Christina Magrin was coached by Gillian Attard
  • Section C (13 years to 15 years) - Isaac Mercieca was coached by Pamela Bezzina and Glen Vella

The Presentation

The presentation of the trophies to the winners was done by the organised by Antonella Vassallo Director of Stand Out Events and Mr Maurizio Carisi on behalf of Chev. Paolo Alberti, who this year he could not be present.

Other Editions

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