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Kurt Cassar

Cassar Kurt born on 27 Febuary 1993. And grewe up at il-Gudja He is a male vocalist based in Malta, also having recently formed part of a 5-piece Maltese alternative upcoming Rock band entitled Radio Active.

Kurt takes this project very seriously and with great interest since a rock band is basically something which he had never imagined to have due to a lack of interest in the specific genre pertaining to Rock, and the love he has sought for this particular genre now that he is working closely with the other four members (basist, guitarrist, keyboards & drummer), on same material, is quite big! Same band has already participated in various locally renowned Maltese annual Festivals, being the Beland Music Festival 2014, International Food Festival 2014, Delicata Wine Festival 2014, and nonetheless, performed gigs in various pubs and Fund raising activities around Malta, being Simon’s Pub, Sliema, The Lifecycle Fundrainsing Event 2014 held in Sliema and will be performing live gigs weekly over various sights of attention this Summer season.

Kurt relates closely with interest to this band as he emphasizez that music is all about a sinciere connection with others that shall never be broken and that Music is the only element having the potential to gather the whole world for a moment,forgetting all the differences and this has been proved by him, through making beloved Music with other four members. Our aim is to reach the local radio stations. In fact this won't take very long from what can be here by reviewed!. During the Beland Music Festival 2014, Kurt and the other members launched their first original song entitled Gone, composed by Julian Dingli, Franklin Farrugia,Bruce Busuttil and Neville Pons (being the four musicians) and penned by himself.More original material is being worked upon and a compilation with their originalsongs from same repertoire will soon be out for the Public to enjoy!.

In the past years, Kurt has been vocally coached by quite a number of Maltese so-called musical veterans such as Julie Zahra, Rita Pace, Doreen Galea.

Kurt used to dedicate some time to Drama as well, in fact he addressed the completion of a Drama course maintained by Bronk Porductions, having been directed by Dominic Said, between 2005-2007 and attained a Distinction certificate. Nonetheless, he kept on participating in his School's annual shows but never did take it as seriously as he takes music per-se. He also managed to duet with Romina Mamo back in 2007 at St.Benedict's College.

Recently he has been attending sessions under strict and dedicated surveillance at La Voix Academy Choir, directed by Gillian Attard and also managed by Muxu Matt Mercieca, Sylvana Camilleri and Ritienne Azzopardi.

In December 2013, Kurt also participated in a Maltese Festival contributed by Erseb Productions, having become a well renowned Agency working hand in hand with the Maltese young upcoming talents. Erseb Christmas Edition gave Kurt the opportunity to perform in front of a professional panel of judges such as Audrey Marie Bartolo and Lyndsay Pace, both having been two former and also temporary Maltese contenders in the Maltese Music Industry-having also achieved grand results in International Festivals. Kurt sang the Italian song Cinque Giorni, originally pertaining to Michele Zarillo and managed to achieve a 2nd place out of a considerable number of other artists.

Kurt believes that singing does not simply mean reaching a high note or a low one flawlessly.

One cannot sing without the heart, it does not matter how you hit the note, but what inspires you does, it is not how well you do it, but the reason being for which you do it. An artist must have a heart and transmit emotions to the public, move on his story to them!

Whilst, through same academy he has been attending, he managed to participate in various auditions to Internationally renowned Festivals such as : Canta Giro, Una Stella Sta Nascendo and recently has attempted the casting of Amici Di Maria De Filippi, having been an inspirational programme to him which besides having given him the love to Italian Music, inspired him deeply to this Musical Industry. Kurt managed to make it to the second phase of casting Amici Di Maria De Filippi,quattordicesima edizione.

Kurt Cassar at Beland 2014

Recently has been chosen as one of the finalists of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2014, with the song entitled Inservi, composed by Elton Zarb and Gillian Attard and penned by Emil Calleja Bayliss. He finds himself quite keen on his participation at this Festival, since besides being a very strong Local Festival, closely followed after the big showcase of Eurovision here in Malta, he is looking forward to share such an event with other Maltese talented artists and composers, therefore he is sure he will learn a lot of things from them and their long experience within the Industry along the course of participation! Having also submitted a song for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014, entitled The End, composed by Dominic Cini (Minik) and penned by Rita Pace. The song failed to make it to the final rounds but still will be always beloved by this artist as even though the song portrays an END, he stated that, It definitely was my START. The song shall be found on the world wide You Tube. Kurt is planning to using same song in future festivals and participation.

Along this Summer Season, he will be making his televised debut on an afternoon Maltese programme/channel, F.Living channel, afternoon, presented by Karl Bonaci and his co-workers. Kurt will be performing a number of hit tracks worked personally upon to have forming same renditions. Recently this year, he has been the backing vocalist to the Danish former winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, here in Malta during her debut of the song Rainmaker, and also her opening presentations with the song Only Teardrops. To date, it has been one of the most amazing and treausred experiences, since he managed to make it on the stage of dreams, the Eurovision stage. Having said this, he has been working very passionately upon quite a number of tracks, one of which this year will be the lucky one to be presented through the upcoming Eurovision 2015 submission phase!.

Upcoming events such as Rockestra, You’re The Voice Glen Vella’s Concert, Beerfest, and other participation, are events which Kurt will be heading to through the rest of the year.

Bedised the love for Music, Kurt finds joy in his writing of stories (Maltese Rumanzi). In fact, he has been working on a rumanz entitled Misraħ il-Hena, which will be soon published to the Local readers. 'Art' is quite a complex yet simple thing. It is big and great, divided into quite a number of categories such as; singing, writing, dancing, drawing..........but makes life really simple and fascinating... For who could ever imagine a life without a touch of Music, color, rhythym, meditation....?' Mostly self portrayed as a need, rather than something which he does as a hobby and his aims tend to be quite high when it comes to the Industry, prepared to missing no opportunity which relates to his pure ambition. His future aims rather than success within all this, pertain to helping and encouraging upcoming artists of this small yet treasure-island!

In the upcoming days he will also be singing with the Malta Police Force Band, directed by Inspector Mro.Anthony Cassar of the Malta Police Force Band.

In September 2014 he participated in the Talent Żgħażugħ - 2014 Festival he passed and finished among the finalists in the final night of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza - 2014 with the song Inservi lyrics by Emil Calleja Bayliss and music by Gillian Attard.

On 17 September, 2015 Kurt Cassar taken part in the Final of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2015 with the song Teżor written by Joe Chircop and composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas.