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Ritienne Azzopardi

Ritienne Azzopardi born on 8 April, 1975 and grown up at Ħaż-Żabbar, nowadays she lives at iż-Żurrieq.

Ritienne Azzopardi always had a passion for singing. At age 17, she studied singing under the direction of Ms. Beatrice Brockdorff.

Her singing career took off when she joined an animation team and then participated in a weekly show at the Dolmen Hoteltogether with Mro.Joe Brown and his band. During this time, she experienced her first full cabaret show thanks to a song and dance show. In the meantime, she began concentrating more on her singing career. Later, she joined Aceline Entertainment Ltd and began performing at various hotels on the island.

Ritienne Azzopardi

Her first television appearance was on Tista’ Tkun Int, where she was a guest singer on the show. In 2006 she sang in Barcelona and also spent the end of the year in Hong Kong for a special event…The Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year's Night where she was the only live singer out of 38 countries.

On her return home, she became the resident singer on the television programme, Showtime. Over the years she also visited Liverpool, Venice and London for various performances. Ritienne got involved in singing at weddings, conferences and private events. She worked with the National Orchestra and in 2007 took part in a theatrical show called This Thing Called Love which was held at the Manoel Theatre. More television appearances led to her appearance on Kollox Sibt Sorpriza and 108 Live.

She is nowadays, the leading singer of one of the leading bands, The Drop-Out Band and is also the main vocalist in the song and dance show Spectaculesque where once again, she demonstrates her skills as a show person. Of worth a mention is also that Ritienne is fluent in Maltese, English and Italian. Her singing career has often required her to sing in the abovementioned languages.

After some years working as a vocal Coach at the La Voix Academy Choir lead by Gillian Attard. From November, 2016 Ritienne together with Mro. Joseph Chircop begain running their own school Harmonic Ensemble Music & Voice Academy as directors.

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