Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 1987

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The Fifth Editon of the Festival Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza - 1987 this year was held in November.

This year the Organising Committee decieced to do the Festival early and not in September, because for the week celebration they plains several activities, like drama, concerts, Rock Operas and shows for 23 Anniversary from the day Malta came Independent in 21 September, 1964.

So Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza - 1987 was held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 19, 20 and 21 November, 1987 back in the Assembly Hall at the University of Malta at Tal-Qroqq, today we known it as Sir Temi Zammit Hall

Organising Committee

The organizing Committee under the Chairmanship of Charles A. Bellia, issued the regulations of the festival, the other members where Charles Stroud, John Camilleri and Doris Stroud. 46 songs were submitted and 24 songs were shortlisted until the final 16 songs were chosen.

The theme of the Festival was:- Ngħixu Familja Nibnu Futur.

The Festival

As we taught this year the Festival was held on Friday 2 August, 1985 this time in the Assembly Hall at the University at Tal-Qroqq. And it was another great success Festival that year, and year after year would be strong and build a good reperution with singers, Authors, Composer and the public ingeneral.

In this editon again, the Festival spred over three days, when on day one Thursday 19 November, 1987 was interpreted 12 songs, and from them passed 8 songs to the Finali night, Other 12 songs was held on Friday 20 November, 1987 and from them again passed 8 songs, for the total of 16 songs which competed in the final on Saturday night 21 November, 1987.

For this Edition the Festival Committee’ also issued two cassettes with this songs with a production of Tony Scott and prepare a souverner program with the lyrics of the songs, and photos of the singers taken part, This year they issued two cassettes with the twelve songs in each cassettes, in the second cassette their was also a song by Edwin Vella Niċċelebraw and they was sell at Lm 2.50.

Iżreġ Ja Xemx Ħanina by Doreen Galea was dropt from the final in the last time, although it was issued on the cassettes.

The set design was made by Ruben Caruana, and the special effects by I.T.C System under the direction of Tony Valletta and Lorry Farrugia. The stage direction ws under Charles Bellia and sound in the care of Tony Scott. Charles Stroud had the production of the show. The price for the show was Lm 1.

The First Semi-Final Song Festival

Here are the 12 Finalist Songs heard on Thursday 19 November, 1987:-

No Singers Songs Lyricist Composer
01 Josette Camilleri Merżuq tas-Sliem Charles Mifsud Carmelo Zammit
02 Benny and Tonia Grima Nibnu fis-Sod Edwin Vella Edwin Vella
03 Incorvaja Twins Il-Ħolma Edwin Vella Edwin Vella
04 The Roots Sar il-Ħin Frank O'Neill Frank O'Neill
05 Agnes Cassar Fejn l-Hena Ssib Agnes Cassar Agnes Cassar
06 Charles Cirillo Nibqgħu Ħajjien Għal Dejjem Charles Dalli Charles Dalli
07 X-Tend Ġrajja Waħda Charles Dalli Charles Dalli
08 Doreen Galea Iżreġ Ja Xemx Ħanina Doreen Galea Dominic Galea
09 Nathalie Farrugia Jiem Aħjar Frederick Camilleri Frederick Camilleri
10 Victor Cutajar & Marie Louise Sammut Ghigo Żernieq Victor Cutajar Victor Cutajar
11 Olivia Camilleri Ħolma Philip Farrugia Randon Sammy Galea
12 Louis Dalli Għanja Lill Malta Ġdida Joe Friggieri Sammy Galea


In the interval their where entertaiment by Charles Tahir Band, Alison White Dancers and Brown Rice.

The Second Semi-Final Song Festival

Here are the 12 Finalist Songs heard on Friday 20 November, 1987:-

No Singers Songs Lyricist Composer
01 Frank O’Neill Naħseb Fikom u Nżomm Sħiħ Frank O'Neill Frank O'Neill
02 Sammy Bartolo Sewwa Sew Illum John Paul Grech John Paul Grech
03 Joe Dalli Magħqudin Nibnu Futur Frederick Camilleri Frederick Camilleri
04 Frederick Camilleri Metropoli Frederick Camilleri Frederick Camilleri
05 Adelina Attard Feġġet il-Qawsalla Paul Micallef Eileen Micallef
06 Mirage Diska Ġdida Amadeo Cassar Amadeo Cassar
07 Tessie Farrugia Meta Paul Falzon Paul Falzon
08 Freddie Castelletti It-Tama Fil-Futur Patrick Mifsud Dorseille Mifsud
09 Godwin Lucas Viżjoni Profs.Joe Friggieri Victor Fenech
10 Mike Spiteri Id-Dielja ta’ l-Imħabba Ray Agius Ray Agius
11 Spectrum Qawsalla Ino Mario Busuttil Mario Caruana
12 Jo Naudi Jekk Għadek M’Intix Lest Charles Mifsud Benedict Galea


During the intervall till one could know the winner result by the jury where entertainment by the YADA Dance Company and the winner of 1986 Brown Rice, Joe Cutajar, Rhapdosy Blues, Philip the Magician and The Breezes.

Greenfields, Phyllisienne Brincat, and a number of well known singers Benny and Tonia, Marie Louise Sammut Ghigo, Victor Cutajar, Incorvaja Sisters, Brian Muscat, Phyllisienne Brincat, Edwin Vella, Jo Naudi, Frederick Camilleri, Tessie Farrugia, and Godwin Lucas to sing the song by composed by Edwin Vella Niċċelebraw writing after the winning Election of 1987.

Festival Comperes

The compers of the Festival Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 1987 where Hector Bruno , Lilianna Risiott and Robert Abela. In ever place UKAM was ever present.


he prizes where for the first places Lm 100 and a trophie, for the Seconds Lm 60 and trophie and for the Third place Lm 40.

Winner Finalist

Here are the Winning Songs featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyricist Composer
01 Godwin Lucas Viżjoni Profs.Joe Friggieri Victor Fenech
02 Adelina Attard Feġġet Qawsalla Paul Micallef Eileen Micallef
03 Mike Spiteri Id-Dielja Ta' l-Imħabba Ray Agius Ray Agius

Others Prizes

  • This same three song win the prize for the Best Lyrics
  • Ġrajja Waħda – Charles Dalli
  • For Best Music First came Id-Dielja Ta’ l-imħabba by Ray Agius, Second came Viżjoni by Victor Fenech, and Third came Ġrajja Waħda by Charles Dalli
  • Tessie Farrugia got the Trophy for The Best Singer of the Festival
  • Nibnu Fis-Sod by Edwin Vella was the Best Song chose by public