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Charles Mifsud

Charles Mifsud born in Valletta on 21 April,1941, but residing in Birkirkara since childhood. He is a Song writer and a Poet.

Charles is a poet and lyric writer who entered the local scene in 1971, when he wrote the lyrics for Malta’s first ever Eurovision Song Festival: MARIJA L-MALTIJA., sang by Joe Grech becoming the pioneer in this particular field. In the following year, Charles placed second in the contest “A Song for Europe with the lyrics of FEJN TISTRIEĦ IL-QALB, (Composer Mro.Carmelo Zammit while in 1975 he was again the winning author of the very first Maltese song participating in the Eurovision Song Contest with English verse, namely, SINGING THIS SONG, sang by Renato which eventually placed 12th. in the the final classification in Stockholm.

Since then, Charles has written many other locally winning songs both for adults and children competitions with songs like: IŻ-ŻEKŻIEKA, SHALOM, LOVE IS A GAMBLE, A SONG TO SING, IL-BANDA amongst many others.

In 1993, Charles wrote the lyrics for the first pantomime written for childeren IL-ĦANUT TAL-ĠUGARELLI (Composer, Sammy Galea) which was presented on a local television station.

In 2001 and 2010 Charles was commisioned to write two Marian oratories for the occasions of: 1. SULTANA TA’ ĠENSNA written for the fiftieth anniversary of the glorious crowning of the Żabbar Parish titular. 2; OMM ĦELWA U ĦANINA written for the centinary celebrations of the crowning of the titular portrait of Madonna tal-Ħerba, in Birkirkara. Both oratories composed by Mro. Clifford Cauchi.

Besides, Charles has written quite a number of liturġical hymns which are sung in various churches. Other lyrical works include the Maltese Version of the Birkirkara Duke of Connought’s Own Band Club hymn Inno Di Glorja, music by Mro. Raffael Ricci. Eloġju lil Santa Liena u Mulej Ħniena (music by the late Mro.Ronnie Debattista) Hymn for St. Francis School, Msida, the popular march for the feast of Our Lady Of Carmel (Fleur De Lys), the Floriana Football Club anthem amongst many others.

Charles is also an established poet winning various local competitions. His greatest poetical contribution is the first Maltese epic poem, which recounts in detail all that ħappened during the great siege of Malta in 1565. This poem, with more then 900 lines is surely one of his best efforts and is pubblished in one of his books MID-DJARJU TA’ ĠENSNA.

In all, Mifsud has pubblished seven poetical books, namely; TNEJN FLIMKIEN, IN-NISĠA TAL-GĦANJA, MID-DJARJU TA’ ĠENSNA, U ĠEJT TERĠA’ TĦABBATLI, IL-BLATA TIEGĦI, GĦANJIET IL-QALB, u FEJN JIMRAĦ IL-ĦSIEB. It can also be said, that since the 24 of April 2015, Charles have been pubblishing a different poem every day on face book

Charles Mifsud has been a commitee member, acting as Secretary (1975 – 1986) of the Għaqda Letterarja Maltija, a member for several years of the Għaqda Poeti Maltin and quite recently a founding member of the group EspRimi. He is also a member of the Akkademja tal-Malti.

Charles Mifsud is married to Mary Iris Mifsud, has two daughters and four grand children.


No Song Singers Composors Festivals Remarks
01 Shalom Alexander Schembri Carmelo Zammit Golden Cross Festival held at Rabat
02 Is-Sajf Inħobbu Carmelo Zammit
03 Dawra Durella Carmelo Zammit
04 Fuq Karettun Carmelo Zammit Kanzunetta Sajfija - Birkirkara
05 Il-Gollywog Carmelo Zammit
06 Christmas Is-Coming Carmelo Zammit
07 L-Anġlu Tiegħi Carmelo Zammit
08 You're Making A Fool Of Me Carmelo Zammit
09 Forget Me Not Carmelo Zammit
10 Għażiż Missier Carmelo Zammit
11 With A Smile And A Song Carmelo Zammit
12 Irridek Carmelo Zammit
13 Wieħed Bejn Tnejn Carmelo Zammit
14 Il-Laneċ Ta' Mattew Carmelo Zammit
15 Qiegħed Ngġix Kuntent Carmelo Zammit
16 L-Għanja Li Nħobb Carmelo Zammit
17 Psst Sinjorina Carmelo Zammit
18 Il-Logħoba Tan-Namur Martin Vella Carmelo Zammit
19 Bħalek Ma Sibtx Carmelo Zammit
20 O Ħelwa Art Għawdxija Carmelo Zammit Astra Song Festival
21 Tislima Minn Malta Carmelo Zammit
22 Kif Inħobb Jien Carmelo Zammit
23 Dinja Bla Nkwiet Carmelo Zammit
24 A Song To Sing Carmen Vella Carmelo Zammit Malta Song Festival at Alhambra Theatre Sliema 3rd. Place
25 Fejn Tistrieħ Il-Qalb Carmelo Zammit Malta Song Festival - 1972 2nd.Place
26 L-Arblu Ta' Mejju Carmelo Zammit
27 Kemm Għandhom Qalbhom Tajba Enzo Gusman Carmelo Zammit Labour Song Festival held at Marsa
28 Marija Anna Carmelo Zammit
29 It-Terrimaxka Carmelo Zammit
30 San Pawl Il_Baħar Carmelo Zammit
31 Il-Banda Tagħna Carmelo Zammit Golden Cross Festival held at Rabat
32 Ċajt Bin-Namur Carmelo Zammit
33 Qalb Żagħżugħa Carmelo Zammit
34 Tislima Lil Għawdex Carmelo Borg Carmelo Zammit Astra Song Festival held at Rabat Gozo
35 Il-Logħba Tal-Imħabba Carmelo Zammit
36 Love Is A Gamble Carmelo Zammit Malta Song Festival at Alhambra Theater Sliema
37 Is-Sajf Malti Carmelo Zammit
38 Waħdi F'Kamarti Carmelo Zammit
39 Paċi Mis-Smewwiet Carmelo Zammit International Christmas Song Festival
40 L-Arma Tal-Mewt Carmelo Zammit
41 Il-Landier Carmelo Zammit
42 Planet Of Grief Carmelo Zammit
43 Ma Nafx Għalix Carmelo Zammit
44 L-Għaqda Ta' Mħabbitna Carmelo Zammit
45 Nazzjon Rebbieħ, Poplu Ferrieħ. Carmelo Zammit
46 Jekk Int Lest Tistenna Carmelo Zammit
47 Int L-Aħħar Tama Carmelo Zammit
48 Imħabba U Sliem Carmelo Zammit
49 Ġrajja Ta' Mħabba U Sliem Carmelo Zammit
50 Għaliex Ħabib? Carmelo Zammit
51 Nmiftakar Ma Carmelo Zammit
52 Carillion Carmelo Zammit
53 Ħallejtni Carmelo Zammit
54 Kull Meta Warrabtek Carmelo Zammit
55 Il-Vera Mħabba Carmelo Zammit
56 Għall-Ġejjieni Fis-Sliem Carmelo Zammit
57 Il-Folja Nqalbet Carmelo Zammit
58 Ksibtu Li Ridtu Carmelo Zammit
59 M'għadux Iż-Żmien Ta' Dari Carmelo Zammit
60 B'hekk Biss Carmelo Zammit
61 Iż-Żekżieka Tony Camilleri Carmelo Zammit
62 Lilek, Ħaddiem Bieżel Carmelo Zammit
63 Issa Naf Carmelo Zammit
64 One Little Word Carmelo Zammit
65 Għajta Kotrana Adelina Attard Carmelo Zammit Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 1st. Place
66 Ħalli Nibnu Tlett Tined Carmelo Zammit Festival Ħal-Lija 1st. Place
67 Love Is The Only Solution Carmelo Zammit
68 Viva Ħal-Lija, Viva S-Salvatur Carmelo Zammit Festival Ħal-Lija 3rd. Place
69 Id-Dinja Tal-Lum Carmelo Zammit
70 Idħaq U Ċajta Renato Micallef Sammy Galea Malta Eurovision Song Festival 1975 1st. Place
71 Singing This Song Renato Micallef Sammy Galea Malta Eurovision Song Festival 1975 1st. Place
72 Bi Twemmin Sħiħ Sammy Galea
73 Mhux Ħtija Tiegħi Sammy Galea
74 You'l Never Be The Same To Me Sammy Galea
75 O X'dinja Din Sammy Galea
76 When You're In Love Sammy Galea
77 What Without You Sammy Galea
78 A Dream Of You Sammy Galea
79 Xtaqt Li Kont Kbira Sammy Galea
80 Għidulna Ċar U Tond Sammy Galea
81 Matador Andrew Zammit Inez Lombardo
82 Ejja Missier Adelina Attard Inez Lombardo
83 Marija il-Maltija Joe Grech Joe Grech