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Profs. Joe Friggieri

Profs.Joe Friggieri born in Lija , on 20 March, 1946. He is a Philosopher, Author. Poet.

He is a Professur of Philosophy at The University OF Malta. He holds doctorates of Philosophy from Milan and Oxford and ws guest research scholar at a number of universities, including venice, Amsterdam, St Andrews, Durham, Augsburg, and Genoa. He is also a well-known poet. Playwright, and Theatre Director and a regular contributor to public debate, especially on radio and television, where he has produced and presented several cultural Programmes.

He as chairman Of The Manoel Theatre management Committee (1990 – 1993), Member of the Broadcasting Authority (1993-1996), and Chairman of The Arts Council (2003-2005). He was awared with the National Literary Prize three times in 1993 for Kadenzi, in 1998 for Mid-Djarju ta’ Sara, and in 2003 for Żewġ Drammi, which included his other two highly-successful, full- length plays.Tkun darb’oħra Mikelanġ, and Trappisti.

He was editor fo Arti (1971-1974), and of the monthy newspaper Illum (1975-1980), as well as founder editor of Kultura 21, an Arts Council Publication.

Joe Friggieri philosophical work on two books 20th Century English Philosopher J.L. Austin, as well as In-Nisġa tal-Ħsieb, two parts of the first ever history of Philosophy in Maltese, Linguaggio e Azione was the first philosophy , book by a Maltese author to be published in Italy.

He also directed seven Shakepeare plays as well as his own acclaimed translation of works by classical and contemporary play-wrights. He was the artistic director of operas by Verdi and Puccini and wrote the libretto of the first opera in the Maltese Language, il-Wegħda , composed by Charles Camilleri. He also wrote the lyrics for Camilleri’s Frequently performed and highly-evocative Kanti Popolasri, Għannjiet Minn Malta sung and recorded by Mary Rose Mallia on one of the first Long Plays on the island in 1971. And Mal-Kant tal-Baħar (featuring mezzo-Soprano Sophia Grech.

A number of his poems were also set to music by Mro.Joe Vella in the song-cycles Il-Poezija tal-Baħrija and Malta , on the occasion of Malta’s 25 th Independence Anniversary celebrations.

His short stories were translated into English by Paul Xuereb (Tales for Our Times) (2004), and into Frenech by Thomas Burgel, Julie Miclot, and Sophie Taze (Contes de notre Temps. 2004).

In 2004 he contested the first elections for the European Pasrliament. But not elected, in 2008 he was made member of National Order of Merit (MOM). He his married to Actress and narrator Therese Friggieri nee’ Micallef, sister of Jane Marshall and Ninette Micallef.