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Godwin Lucas was born in Valletta on 6 July.

Coming from a very musical family, his father Charles Lucas influenced him greatly and for this he would like to thank him for teaching him and bringing music into his life and today Music has always played a significant role in my life. He was also inspired by his brother David Lucas, who was also a wonderful musician. He encouraged him a lot when he was still a teenager.

So GodwinI followed his family`s footsteps. At the young age of sixteen, he started living a musician`s life, singing and playing the piano until the early hours of the morning in leading nightclubs and hotels, which he still do today.

In 1984 he took part for the first time in the Malta Song Festival 1984 and won the F.I.D.O.F. prize with the song Ma Rridx Ninsa.

In 1987 he won many festivals to name the Independence Song Festival 1987 with Visjoni and again the Malta Song Festival 1987, with the song Int then also placed second in the festival L-Għanja tal-Poplu 1987 with the song San Niklaw. In 1995 he again placed second in the Malta Song Festival 1995 with the song Gżira ta’ Mħabba and Jekk Tgħid Le both placed 2nd in the Malta Song Festival amongst other songs which brought him satisfaction.

One of the favorites with many of his audiences is the song Għanja lill-Ibni, which coincidentally is the title to his first CD, which he launched in 1996. And give the opportunity to record some wonderful songs in Maltese, and worked with some wonderful musicians and composers for his first C.D. Album called Għanja lil Ibni.

This particular album contains various Maltese music some of which being sung as duets in English with June May and Phillysienne Brincat.

He recorded his second C.D. album together with one of Malta`s top female singers – Eve Daly.

In this C.D. apart from some popular cover versions one couldl find some duets sung with Eve and the beautiful Maltese song Hasan u Katrin which is a song dedicated to the legend of Għar Hasan. This C.D. album is entitled An Evening with Eve Daly and Godwin Lucas. Both C.D.`

Godwin performed at many weddings, both at the church and also at the reception venue together with his band.

He died on Saturday 18 June 2022 after a short illness. His funeral took place on Monday 20 June 2022 at St Paul's Shipwreck Church in Valletta.