Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 1983

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The Executive of the Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) decieded to organized something for the general public, their where several suggestions, among of this Charles A. Bellia and Mario Ascione suggest to do a Song Festival, finally the decieded to organized a Maltese Song Festival, they decieded to held the Festival in September to part from the celebration of the Independence Day.

This year was the Celebration of the 19 Anniversary from the day Malta came Independent in 21 September, 1964.And this Festival Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 1983 was included in the celebration week.

Organising Committee

They Formed an organizing Committee under the Chairmanship of Charles A.Bellia, the other members where Charles Stroud, Tony Catania Caruana and committee Secretary Doris Stroud.

The Festival

The Festival was held on Wednesday 14 September, 1983 at the Alhambra Theatre at Sliema at 7.30pm.. And the Festival opens with the Cheerleaders a troops of 40 boys and girls wearing all white and blue colours marching around the Alhambra Hall. There where sottomate 27 songs most of them with politic teem of Independence, in the first phase the Jury chose 14 songs. The teem of the Festival was:- L-Indipendenza.

For this Festival the Committee’ think to issued a cassette with this songs with a production by Tony C.Scott and prepare a souverner program with the lyrics of the songs, and photos of the singers taken part, the Festival was all with playback music and the singers sang live. The compers of the Festival where Hector Bruno and Nathalie Micallef. The tickets was Lm 1.

The Song Festival

Here are the 14 Finalist Songs featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyricist Composer
01 Freddie Agius Riflessjonijiet J.Caruana J.Caruana
02 Agnes Cassar Nerġgħu Ngħixu Magħqudin Lucia Cassar Agnes Cassar
03 Tessie Farrugia Fl-Indipendenza Agnes Cassar Agnes Cassar
04 Jennifer Scicluna Il-Paċi Fl-Indipendenza Lucia Cassar Lucia Cassar
05 Incorvaja Twins Il-Lum (21 ta’ Settembru, 1964) Edwin Vella Edwin Vella
06 Grace Sebaħ Jum Ġdid Amadeo Cassar Amadeo Cassar
07 Adelina Attard Viva Jum L-Indipendenza Mary Rose Attard Carmelo Zammit
08 Merga Il-Liberta’ Fl-Indipendenza John B.Cassar John B.Cassar
09 Carmelo Borg Malti, Malti, Malti Clemente Zammit J.Pullicino
10 Rennie Vella Lilek Malta Tiegħi Paul Falzon Joe Cuschieri
11 Joan Vassallo Meta Twieled Pajjiż Ġdid Agnes Cassar Agnes Cassar
12 Jo Naudi Nibqgħu Ngħożżuħ Maltin Jo Naudi Jo Naudi
13 Sammy Bartolo Tagħlima Jo Naudi Jo Naudi
14 Benny Grima & Tonia Grima Għadna Niftakru Benny Grima Benny Grima

The Jury

The Jury was composed bye six members Mro.Joseph Sammut, Mro.Paul Arnaud, Ray Aguis, Trevor Zahra, Joe Calleja and Gloria Mizzi while the representative for UKAM Society of Maltese Composers and Authors was Joe Ellul


During the process by the jury to chose the winners, there was entertainment by Rhapsody Blue Dancers, the duo Tonio Farrugia and Walter Micallef, Frank O’Niell, the disco dancer Gino Pace and a comedy sketch by Paul Mintoff and Hector Bruno.

Winner Finalist of Festival Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 1983

Here are the Winning Songs featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyricist Composer
01 Jo Naudi Nibqgħu Ngħożżuħ Maltin Jo Naudi Jo Naudi
02 Adelina Attard Viva Jum L-Indipendenza Mary Rose Attard Carmelo Zammit
03 Sammy Bartolo Tagħlima Jo Naudi Jo Naudi

Here are the Winning Songs For Best Lyrices featured in the final:-

No Songs Lyricist
01 Tagħlima Jo Naudi
02 Nibqgħu Ngħożżuħ Maltin Jo Naudi
03 Malti, Malti, Malti Clement Zammit

Here are the Winning Songs For Best Music featured in the final:-

No Songs Best Music
01 Nibqgħu Ngħożżuħ Maltin Jo Naudi
02 Viva Jum L-Indipendenza Carmelo Zammit
03 Tagħlima Jo Naudi

• Singer Sammy Bartolo get the Trophy for the Best Singer. • All Singers , Composer and authers get a certificate of partecipation in the Festival.

The First winner of this Festival Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 1983 was the 27 year old from Ħamrun Jo Naudi with the song Nibqgħu Ngħożżuħ Maltin words and music by himself and he got a prize of Lm 100 and a trophy and the Challenge Cup for the winnig song, beside the Jury vote Jo Naudi win also the Popolar Public vote, besides this win two other prizes for the ‘Best Lyrices for the Sammy Bartolo song Tagħlima, first place and second place for Nibqgħu Ngħożżuħ Maltin, in the third place for ‘Best Lyrices’ placed Celemente Zammit for Malti, Malti, Malti composer by Carmelo Zammit Viva Jum L-Indipendenza song by Adelina Attard and composor also by Carmelo Zammit placed second as composer.

The trophies was presented by Dr.Ċensu Tabone President of the Nationalist Party, at the end Dr.Guido DeMarco Vice-President of P.N. address to the present public, instead of the Leader Party Dr.Edward Fenech Adami who’s on they day, was not present for a personal reason, his mother was in the last days of her life, and a days later she died.