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Nathalie Micallef

Nathalie Micallef born in Valletta on 21 July, 1949, maiden Bonnici, daughter of Domenic and Rosalia nee’ Giglio. Has five brothers, four sisters, who are Polly, Lina, Anna, Tania and brother Vincent.

Nathalie from her younger age had thrust both for theater, television and radio. So by that age, she was selected to start taking part on Rediffusion, programs that were uploaded for children. It was Mr. John Scerri, producer of children's programs on the radio, who pick Nathalie to take part.

He visit schools and chose children for his programms. He immediately realized by the talent of Nathalie. Several programs that Nathalie had been involved in them. On television as a girl she taking part in a live program showed on Sunday, named ‘Min Fomm it-Tfal'. In fact, this program was the first program children showed live.

Natalie grow more, and began concern itself both in the theater, and even on television. Began to take part in various theatrical production.

In 1970 she married to Mario Micallef, who is also an actor. Has two children, Gordon and Alycia, and one nephew Nico son of Gordon.

In 1988, her husband Mario, founded the theater company Talenti, a company that still bringing theatrical productions to date. Naturally, Nathalie, was the right hand of Mario at the helm of the company. She can say, except occasionally it always takes part in the workshop staged every season from this company.

Many theatrical and television productions that Nathalie take part in them, teleseriel Is-Sensiela ta’ Fredu l-Fra, in the part of "Lucy", Fi Triq Waħda, Il-Bajjad u Kuluri, Il-Ġardinar u l-Fjuri , F’Salib it-Toroq, San Valentino, Anġli, Ipokriti, Id-Dar tas-Soru, Dejjem Tiegħek Becky which played "Doris", F’Baħar Wieħed, Il-Kompliċi, l-Imġarrab, Żeża tal-Flagship in the main part of "Żeża", but parts that gave Nathalie satisfaction.

Among these works we can mention those of William Shakespeare in Maltese, the company had annual "Talenti" upload Manoel Theatre. In fact, most productions of Shakespeare to her heart were "Katrina" in the L-Imqarba Immansata (Taming Of The Shrew), and the character of "Nurse", in Romeo u Ġuljetta. Other productions remained a core, were "La Mandragola", of Nicolo Macchiavelli, and Sulari Fuq Strada Stretta of Mario Philip Azzopardi.

Nathalie Micallef fil-parti ta’ Katarin flimkien ma’ Mario Micallef f’parti ta’ Din Grejbel fit-teleserial It-Tfal Jiġu bil-Vapur

On television were several teleplays and the teleserial who participated in them. But without doubt, the most teleserial cares was It-Tfal Jiġu bil-Vapuri (Children Come with Ships) novels by Prof. Oliver Friggieri. In the teleserial, is interpreted one of the main parts, that of "Katarin".

She also participated in some films too. Among the film The Man in White. In this film, she got a great satisfaction for which she won the Best Actress in a contest of the Amateur Golden Night. Nathalie is an versatilie actress, so that committed several productions, both on stage and on television.

In her free time, Nathalie likes to watch movies. Numerous her favorite actors, but mostly great fun watching them both working, they are Alpacino and Meryl Streep, for they are truly versatile actors.

Nathalie never plan to much work in advance. She will assess the work offered to her, and then decide. Ricently Nathalie is taking part in a TV shows instead of theater. A Teleserial that she was involved in it is Ma Tinbidel Qatt with her husband Mario in a part of a couple written by Manila Bottone , targeted for all the whole family.

Nathalie always wish to thank her parents, who were keeping children when they were young. She says her parents, therefore, played a part in her career, because if they were not, perhaps would not have a chance to accept several theatrical productions. It also like to thank her husband Mario, for his always support her.

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