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Freddie Agius

Freddie Agius was born in Ħamrun on 12 June 1938.

From a younger age he lovers music and watch the Italian RAI see singers take part in festivals, and admired that his favorite singer is Claudio Villa.

He he was always their with his brother which him singing, Meanwhile his brother Tony who was three years younger, began singing and was going very well, sings with band Spiru Zammit, and fold them were located in family wedding and brother Tony was singing, and it was here that urged and asked him to sing one w Freddie encouraged by guests began singing the winning song of the San Remo Festival of 1965 'Una Lacrima Sul Viso' of Bobby Solo.

Freddie went very well, and now also runs began to sing and also participate where his brother Tony, especially in Barrel & Basket at Rabat and began entering also take part in the festivals which were to be organized in that time where he won the Festival Msida Goldoni, was finished in Second place in the Festival organized by Stella Valente, also won the Festival was organized by Mrs Doris Degiorgio where he sang the famous song 'O Sole Mio' with singer Frans Frendo ending in second place.

Once while on vacation f'Taormina were also asked him to go sing a song, and he was sang 'Una Una Spina Rose' and after the song was very apprecirate.

In Malta continued to participate in festivals, wedding and sing in Night Clubs and f'wijriet in Radio City where even been invited to sing also with Nicola Di Bari. Singing in severals hotel especialy in Dragonara Hotel, there was singing his favorite song 'My Rose Marie' or some songs of his favorite singer Engelbert Humperdrink for the audience.

When his brother Tony had that trafic accident u let him with out voice, Freddie had continued singing instead of his brother where there singing there for the last sixteen years.

Also he took part in the Festival which was done weekly and was broadcast on Rediffusion and was FESTA and sponsor by Marsovin festival which had spread on several weeks.

In Malta Song Festival 1969. He also took part and got a very beautiful song Il-Festa tal-Poplu tad-Dinja. In 1971 he had an opportunity to recording on Vinyl disc a song with lyrics and music of Spiru Zammit, the song was named L-Ewwel Xita where we must say that is still popular till today.

Having been made a stop for some yeras, until in 2008 he was appoach by Michael Angelo Chircop who invit him to record some songs that were actually Italian but he adapted the words in Maltese and musical arrangement and also made them, the Freddie was please with the idea and together with two other singers who participants as backing him named Tessie Farrugia and Joanne Debono issued cd with six songs, which were 'Mamma', Għanja Tar-Rebbiegħa”, “Papa X’Qed taħseb Fija”, “Fuq il-Karozzella”, Tilwima F’Argotti” u “L-Aqwa Teżor Li hawn F’Ħajti” This cd went well and, and in 2012 he made another similar cd named ‘Kanta Malta’ with lyrics of Michael Angelo Chircop who sings also with other singers like Marisa D’Amato, Edel Pace, Freddie Agius and a backing choir too.

Freddie, also a supporter of Ħamrun Spartans team and Italian team AC Milan, was always there in his support watch tv u in the stadium viewed AC Milan always with the cap of Milan in his head, and passed and some remarking jokes with his bother Tony Agius u is a big fan of Juventus.



  • Varjeta Taljana-Maltija (2008)
  • Mamma
  • Għanja Tar-Rebbiegħa
  • Papa X'Qed taħseb Fija
  • Fuq il-Karozzella
  • Tilwima F'Argotti
  • L-Aqwa Teżor li Hawn F'Ħajti


  • L-Ewwel Xita

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