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John B. Cassar

John B.Cassar (20 February 1922 - 14 September 2000) was born in Senglea. He was a songwriter and Festival Organiser. In his family he was the oldest from five brothers. He was rather timid and quiet.

When he was a youngster normaly he played with the Good Friday statues. This statues of clay was always buy for him by his father. It was very playful with the affairs of the church and likes equips the altar under the liturgical calendar.

In his youth he published a sports magazine, which was very popular among children.

His first education took her in Isla Primary School until came at the Freres was Cospicua. After three years made to the Lyceum examination was Cospicua own. In 1933 entered the seminary and at the end of III year of study made Oxford and Matriculation. The years had made the drive to Priest Seminary but it disappeared.

John always love study, particularly mathematics and science which it was drunk. He loved also much Italian.

After he had passed the exams began teaching in Naxxar Primary School. Begain World War II. In the beginning the Cassar family remained at Senglea because the attacks were not so harsh from the Italians, but then had to leave.

He mentions how once caught them in total darkness toilet and entered the convenience of Cospicua. as hard toilet heard a tremble screaming. And he left outside with his full force.

After he discovered that everything originated when another person came to make a toilet that was in the same convenience is also. It happened that two people did not notice for each other and it was only when John has a toilet on the other start screaming the other person.

If the house in Senglea was escape by aerial bombardments of Italians, this was not the case when attacks were German. The house was destroyed completely. Which there was little furniture.

John was collected by lever with KOMR. Blow would be stationed in a bang and had some experiences close to death with the enemy when he was stationed in the barracks of Wardija

In the meantime was a major shortage of medical staff in Malta and John enticing to enter for medical course after the Governor had issued applications for soldiers who had the necessary qualifications.

Since John was a very avid for medicine and science is enticing to apply, and thus no longer with leverage.

So in 1943 left from the lever and started the medical course at University City. By the time the course has found many obstacles to even the police send for him because they said that he stole 2,000 slippers. Having protested his innocence, and both resulted Trainee police actually was John Cassar, but tried to attach it.

The course began with the IV was abandon for a year and instead he went on to work at the Dockyard He wished to married Edwidge nee’ Scicluna who meeting with her in a church during the war. They where married in 1946 and were staying in Rabat (Malta) and got eight children Matthew, Miriam, Silvio, Rita, Lucia, Amadeo, Raymond and Agnes. Edwidge dead on 1991 and John married again in 1994 to Frances Pollacco.

At the Dockyard he spend 8 years working there as a cashier. He had great regret that he contiuted study. Everything seemed to be remain such regret because in the first 8 years of marriage already got 6 children.

But fortune smile again for him. When was opened a course in Bachelor of Education at the evening and could attend for it after working time.

To continue his studies had to leave the Shipyard and started working the Pitkali where the work would be afternoon. In 1946 John B. Cassar was awarded a Bristish Council bursary in Cambridge and Sheffield on the teaching of science. He taught science at the Lyceum (1953-1983).

Every morning he attending the University which resumed the course of medicine and evening was attending the course Bachelor of Education afternoon.

Graduated in 1952 B.Educ. and B.Phaem .in 1955 from the RUM and began teaching at the Lyceum at Valletta there after continued to teach at the Lyceum Ħamrun. He teach between 1953 to 1983 and was teaching chemistry.

With the Department of Education is ended as an Assistant Head of School of the Island where together with Gużè Cardona had bought a statue of the Madonna and sweet ceremony conscrated in the school.

As a pharmacist he work in several pharmacies around Malta. He had even opened a pharmacy in Ħamrun.


John B. Cassar is synonymous with poetry and music. Since early age he was to write poems which were subject varied. Never had learned long ...

Until he was giving some private lessons Tony Cutajar who was a soldier, and eventually reached Head Band. Tony wanted to bring John to GCE examination in English. While they were not fail to accompany the speech falls on the music. In these instances John came up tune wished Tony eraborate by write the notes.

That tune was written and developed in the song, Non Piangere Cosi. The song was introduced to Malta Song Festival and classified in second place. This made him courage and having composed a Madonnina Omm Ġesù (Madonnina Mother Jesus) and it also get a great success, so that was the first in Malta Festival of Songs in 1962.

The interest of John Cassar was so strong that Tony Cutajar taught to write the music and in fact John Cassar started to make a lot of practice in this sense. Also his children, who were learning the music teaching too.

Never looked back! Success after another like, He has written scores of songs. Many winning top prizes in local and international Festivals. He took part in several edition of the Malta Song Festival and in festivals in Italy, Sicily, France, Spain, USA, Chile, Greece, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Cuba, Israel, Turkey, Portugal, Poland and Brazil.

Some of his songs Il Cavallino del West, Blue Cave, Good Night Amore, Briciole di Luna, Amore Dinamico, Qualcosa di più, Tu Libro de Orancioneas, 18 agosto, Love, Love, Love, Io credo in te, L’Abuela Beat were recorded by well known Italian Singers like Johnny Dorelli, Tony Renis and Domenico Modugno. His songs haved scored a particular success in Spain, with considerable sales and with one staying in the Spanish hit parade for two weeks. As a maltese singers he push very well the singer Merga and he send her to spain to record songs like Madonnina, Johnny, Speak of Your Tears, Niket u Faraġ and Il-Ħajja taż-Żgħożija and In-Nanna beat sung by The Followers and other songs.

These songs all competed successfully in several festivals were held in Malta and abroad, including in Italy, Spain and France. The songs were interpreted by singers but also by foreigners such as Mina and Johnny Dorelli.

John B. Cassar was not only taking part in festivals but was also organizes itself festivals level where they are invited singers from abroad as made in Alhambra Theatre in 1966.

As evidenced by the songs of John, is a very spiritual man and was very active in the Legion of Mary.

He was also avid collectors of stamps, and like to heard operatic numbers with the favorite one was Carmen, and watching his favorite football team played Inter.

He was the Founder and Director of Tourist Revues International, He also organzed several festivals in Malta like La Canzione Italiana a Malta, Oscar Malta della Canzone, Oscar International della Canzone, Malta International Festival for Peace and Golden Cross International among others. with the participation of prominent Italians singers. In 1969 he organized a memorable show on the flight deck of USS Saratoga. Among the cast there was David Bowie and the orchestra leader Norrie Paramour.

Besides being an Author, Composer, Festival Organizer, Chemist and Teacher, he was also a devoted father and loving husband. Thanks to him his Children were brought up knowing the meaning of Good Manners, Integrity, Love and Morals.

John B.Cassar dead on 14 September, 2000 at the age of 78.

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