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Trevor Zahra, was born in Zejtun on 16 December 1947; by Walter and Ġuża nee Caruana. Trevor is the third of four brothers. He studied at secondary school Technical Paola and Lyceum. In 1966 he came to work for a short time with the local TV station, a script writer. It was also produces programs for children and makes work Presentation Officer.

In 1966 entered the College of Teachers where after a course of two years began to teach the Maltese and Arts in secondary schools. Today he is retired after a career of 33 years. Trevor Stella nee' Agius married in 1971 and had two children: Ruben known well as Ruben Zahra and Mary. Stella died in 1989 and now Trevor is widowed.

A young age started interested in the writing and the Arts. Published his first poems in The Children's Own, in the journal The flash and a number of magazines. Between 7 years and 19 years a member of Catholic Action youth hometown, where as a child he was very active in the stage, theatrical performers, portrays the scenario and write Fares, ringing in group pop music as well as edit magazine was tiny between members. Among the first writing his remaining from this period we find The Praspar Concept and Marinton many of them Zahra authored when he was in the fourth year of secondary school.

In 1971 published his first book, The Golden Pulena. This book gained immediate success and immediately Zahra has been depicted in the field of writing for children with a great commitment. But he never ceased writing adult. In 1972 published the poems Eden. In 1973 published his first novel, The Maestro, romance twenty years after Zahra adattah for the stage and has been successfully presented in the Manoel Theatre for two consecutive years. In 1974, published the novel Under the Leaves Palm had won first prize in club Books launched by the Maltese. From that time onwards Zahra continued to publish simultaneously both books for children as well as adults. Zahra published the first workbooks for children for learning Maltese. His books, between tiny books for young children, translation and literature for adults, now account for over 100.

Zahra illustrates, designs and produces all his books and because of this, his books are known for producing attractive to them. Also exhibited a number of his illustrations international exhibitions and attended seminars in Finland and in Austria on the media and the production of textbooks. This last was also invited to do workshops in Germany on creative writing for children.

Zahra is a winner of several prestigious literary awards; enough to figure out which won the Literary Prize launched by the Government, seven times. In December 2004, the Eċċ.T. the President of Malta awarded the Medal for Service to the Republic in recognition for his work in aid of literature for children.

The most recent books of Zahra Partner, a book for adolescents, and The Creative Writing, on the creative process in writing. Later in the year 2007 is expected the new stream of novels Sepia.