Rennie Vella

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Rennie Vella

Rennie Vella (6 July 1961 - 10 January 2017) was a Maltese actor, singer and TV presenter from St Julian's.

He started his career as a singer taking part in local song contests such as Wardakanta and Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. He changed his musical genre and formed part of the St Julian's Parish choir and Amadeus Chamber Choir.

He even took part as a vocalist in musicals and started singing in hotels and weddings. He started working in advertising and that made him start a television career.

He began with short slots about antiques but soon had his own programme, presenting and producing musical programme Nammirak alongside pianist Dominic Galea. He was also part of Id-Dinja Darna, a weekly programme about the environment.

Rennie took part in various performances on stage and in television dramas such as Fenomeni, Anġli and Min Hu Bla Ħtija.