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Gwilym Bugeja was born in7 June 1996 at Ħal-Lija. He is a Magician.

At a young age Gwilym was always amazed by magicians and their skill, in fact his first piece of magic that he ever saw was on TV by Vanni Pule' a Maltese magician. Vanni Pule' changed a five pound note into a ten pound note. It was that trick that Gwilym never forgot and he was the trick that started his career. At that age of six Gwilym's father showed him his first card trick. He use to perform this every opportunity he got.

Gwilym kept doing the same piece of magic that his father taught him up to the age of 11. At this age Gwilym was browsing online and watching videos of street magicians , performing feats like walking on water and flying. From those videos his curiosity kept growing and he wanted to learn. Coincidently he saw an ad online of a magician teaching free basic magic tricks. He instantly took this opportunity and started learning these basic effects and practising them all the time. Gwilym use to spend hours doing the same 5 tricks and showing the same things to his parents.

After a while of doing the same thing, he wanted to learn more magic and different effects, so he decided to contacting the person that started all of this, Vanni Pule'.. Vanni accepted Gwilym to take him under his wing .He started helping Gwilym by teaching him the basics of the art.

After some time and loads of practice , at the age of 14 Gwilym got asked to perform for the first time at the Youth Centre that he use to attend. he performed a small 15 minute spot and at that point he fell in love with the art. Giving the audience a sense of wonder and hearing his first applause changed his life.

From there on his passion for performing started to grow . In the same year Gwilym joined Ring 202 (Malta's Magic Club) were he met more magicians and all of them taught him what they had learned through their experience. This lead to later joining the I.B.M. (International Brotherhood of Magicians)

Gwilym was constantly studying other magicians to learn different styles and genres but his passion and up bringing kept leading him to comedy. He was inspired by some of the greatest in comedy magic like: Wayne Dobson, Barry & Stuart, Tommy Cooper and many more. Thanks to these magicians and others Gwilym started adding bits and pieces of comedy into his performance. He went on to eventually buying books and studying the basic principles of comedy which helped him develop his show.

From there on Gwilym was constantly performing magic to different audiences . He started from doing a birthday party once a month and then with each show came another up until he started performing regularly .

Even though Gwilym is young he has done a guest appearance on many local television shows. He also was a resident magician on Kalamita hosted by Alfred Zammit for two years. And in 2015 Gwilym was Co-hosting and doing magic with Elaine Saliba on San Remo Junior Malta 2015.

Gwilym Bugeja's aim during his shows is to make his audience smile and laugh a bit more.