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2015 releases not included in list of nominations

Click on the link to the right to view/hide the full sortable list of recommendations:
Peter Calamatta Hello, Young Love Album
Hibernians FC 2014-2015 Hibernians F.C.Champions Album
Benny and Tonia Pappagall U Kanzunetti Ohrajn Album
Amber Bondin Omm Beltna Single
Amber Bondin Fil-Kuruna Dehbiena Fuq Rasek Single
Charles Camilleri Mediterranean Album
Ġwanninu Ġwanninu Musical

Michael Bugeja's list of albums and EPs from 2015

Click on the link to the right to view/hide the full sortable list:
Acidulant Flash Series 01 Album
Andre Camilleri Made In Malta (Australia) Album
Andre Camilleri Nobody wins (Australia) Album
Andre Camilleri & The Wretched Few I long for the silence (Australia) Album
Chess The Great Gig (Live covers Album) (UK) Album
Corazon Mizzi Hawn Jien (reissue + 2 tracks) Album
Curmudgeon LIMB Album
Curmudgeon Locat(i)on Album
Dana McKeon Halcyon (UK) Album
Draugul Chronicles Untold (Sweden) Album
Freddie Portelli Nostalgija Album
Khaospath Synagoga Obscura (Sweden) Album
Kid Crisis Insomnia Album
Krishna Domination 3 (live album) Album
Payloader Built for robots and most believers (Australia) Album
R.A.S Rezistenza Album
Renzo Spiteri Anima/Animus Album
Robert Farrugia Half-Light Album
Robert Farrugia Zen106 (Int'l compilation release) Album
Stimulus Timbre Life's most wonderful place Album
Tact Brushworks Album
The Ranch Cuckoo Island Album
Various L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2015 Album
Various Ħelu Bambin 2 Album
Walrus & The Carpenter Old Soul's Eyes (Australia) Album
Weeping Silence Opus IV Oblivion Album
Winter Moods The Journey Album
X-Tend (to be launched when they are in Australia) Album
Acidulant Landing Series 003a EP
Acidulant Landing Series 004b EP
Berne Conversation EP
Cryptic Street Stranger EP
Dolls for Idols 1985 EP
Fallen Icon North of nowhere EP
Lucy's Last Syllabus of Errors EP
Mana Tapu Timpana EP
Massacre House Party If it's popular it's not cool EP
Microlith Hello 307 EP
Phobics Phobics EP
Planet Seed (Untitled collection of all 4 singles) (unofficial) EP
Relilx It's Not Misspelt EP
Robert Farrugia Sofar Sounds Session (live) EP
Robert Farrugia & 天 Phosphenes EP
The Cosmic Sect Rent A Starship (Released in 2014) EP
WaterWings Flesh, Bones & Spirits EP
Caravana Sun Ashes (Australia) Single