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| 01||[[Jurgen Xerri]]||Bix-Xejn||[[Paul Ellul]]||[[Mark Spiteri Lucas]]
| 01||[[Jurgen Xerri]]||Bix-Xejn||[[Paul Ellul]]||[[Mark Spiteri Lucas]]
| 02||[[Micole Borg]]||Fis-Seba' Sema||[[Rita Pace]]||[[Cyprian Cassar]]
| 02||[[Nicole Borg]]||Fis-Seba' Sema||[[Rita Pace]]||[[Cyprian Cassar]]
| 03||[[Mikaela Bajada]]||Għandi Ħolma||[[Francesco Pio Attard]]||Mark Spiteri Lucas
| 03||[[Mikaela Bajada]]||Għandi Ħolma||[[Francesco Pio Attard]]||Mark Spiteri Lucas

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Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza - 2015

As has become customary, Media.Link Communications held a press conference to launch the 24th Edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, spearheaded by Charles Stroud as the new Chairman, whilst being flanked by Sandra Grech, Clarissa Ellul and Noel D'Amato. A full copy of the regulations as well as the applications may be obtained through MaltaRightNow, for both KKI 2015 and for KKI Jr 2015. Another new regulation is that every artist is limited to the submission of only 6 prospective entries, noting that he may only perform 1 song during the final night.

Due to the negative impact brought about by the rules and regulations presented for the 24th edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, with worthy songs such as Ma Tintefix sung by Neville Refalo, Kastelli Fl-Arja sung by Gloriana Arpa Belli and Int sung by Laura Bruno left out of the final selection of 20 finalists, the organising committee thought it best to return to the original method of selection whereas it will be the professional jury who will pick those who will compete in the final night, and as a result, 20 finalists will be chosen from the judging phase. Once more tele-voting will be applied only during the final, and will have merit as a stand-alone award.

The important dates for the KKI Jr. 2015 was the Submission: 17 July, 2015 (till 7 pm), while 1st Eliminatory Phase: 19 July, 2015 with (CD) and the 2nd Eliminatory Phase: 29 July 2015 singing (Live)

Talent Gdid (New Talent)

For the eight year that the organizing committee continued with the festival named Talent Żgħażugħ for promising singers, where ten singers take part, in this Semi-final, and from the would choose the best three songs from the Indifest 2015 program and the first three song join the other 20 songs in the final night on the Floriana The Granaries. And from this program passed this three songs:-


The submitted entries were judged by the following panel of music experts: The names of the Jury are these ? , ? , ? and ? Observiour ? .

Second Phase

Here are the 10 Singers who wil be featured in the final:-

No Performers Songs Author Composer
01 Jurgen Xerri Bix-Xejn Paul Ellul Mark Spiteri Lucas
02 Nicole Borg Fis-Seba' Sema Rita Pace Cyprian Cassar
03 Mikaela Bajada Għandi Ħolma Francesco Pio Attard Mark Spiteri Lucas
04 Jessica Magro Iċ-Ċinju Clifton Casha Mark Scicluna
05 Sarah Micallef Muscat Il-Leħen Li Hemm Fik Rita Pace Andrew Zahra
06 Noami Busuttil Jien Rita Pace Andrew Zammit
07 Nakita Ambinette Lampa Stampa Rita Pace Andrew Zammit
08 Nakita Ambinette* Lampa Stampa Rita Pace Andrew Zammit
09 Marlon Bianco Oportunità Rita Pace Philip Vella
10 Rebecca Bilocca Sabiħ Rita Pace Chan Vella
  • Nakita Ambinette had two songs which passed with the 10 songs, she will be hold the song 'Lampa Stampa' while drop the song 'Miskin' to another singer.