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Nicole Borg

Nicole Borg born on 4 February, 1998 at Karen Grech Hospital in Pietà. Nicole is an identical twin with her sister Noami, lives at Il-Marsa. She is a Singer.

She did the O'levels and started working. Music has always been her first love, her mum told, that they started singing instead of talking... Nicole started singing in a funny way.

She went shopping for groceries in the early three years old, and with the wind the door was closed she couldn't come in. ..she was panicking and she heard us from the door laughing and singing hallelujah that’s was in 2001. And Nicole and her Sister Naomi continued singing till now.... music is what keeps us living and going day by day. ... Our courage she said.

Nicole wish is always been to have a vocal coach, back in the 2012, she won a prestigious award from the Hor. President of Malta Dr. George Abela to start having lessons in the De la Salle, Valletta for a 2 years course time, her wish has always been to start lessons with Ms Gillian Attard, because she's the kind of teacher she needs toy help her improve and also helping her to reach the success. .. that's what always wanted. ... . Actually her wish came true, she's become her vocal coach teacher and will always be.

After on Febuary 2015 she join for lessions singing at the La Voix Academy. She enter and taken part in many festival, in her first festival Ms.G incouraged her to compete with other amazingly talented girls and boys. ... She sang Make You Feel My love by Adele which this song describes herself. And Nicole won Best Voice and first place. After she enter inmuch more like The battle of the voices which she won overall with the song All by Myself and the Gran Prix with a duet with her sister Noami, with the song called When You Believe and they won the show with When You Believe.

Nicole dream is to go and sing infront of Simon Cowell and to take part in the Eurovision. ...and eventually to see her family happy.

In Dicember, 2015 she with her sister took party in the First Edition of Konkors Misraħ il-Milied and with the song Respect win her Catergory ‘D’ from 14 to 19 years. And even win first price for the Best Personality.

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