Il-Fil tat-Tiġdid

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Il-Fil tat-Tiġdid was a series of radio programmes produced and presented by Toni Sant on Radju Malta in 1990 and 1991.

The series aimed to rekindle memories of the long history of cable radio in Malta, which had ceased to operate in 1989. Each programme featured at least one guest, who was normally a long-standing or retired broadcaster, along with recordings from the radio stations tape collection.

The open song was a purposely re-recording of a jingle by Fr David Azzopardi, originally created as an advertisement for the newly re-branded cable radio service around 1977, operated by TeleMalta Corporation through Xandir Malta.

Series 1

The first series was broadcast on Saturdays on Radio Malta 2 between July and September 1990. It was repeated Tuesdays on Radju Malta. The first six programmes in this series were broadcast live, with guest coming in to the Radju Malta studios in Gwardamangia. Subsequent programmes were entirely prerecorded.

  1. Twenty Questions. Guest: Charles Xuereb, Charles Clews, Charles Arrigo
  2. Victor Galdes
  3. Charles Zammit
  4. Remembering Joan Azzopardi. Guests: Mary Grech and Oreste Kirkop + Ġorġ Peresso remembers Ġorg Zammit
  5. Children's Programmes I. Guests: Salvinu Tellus and Frans Said
  6. Children's Programmes II. Guests: Salvinu Tellus and Frans Said + Remembering Toni Pellegrini
  7. Ġużé Cassar Pullicino
  8. Pawlu Mifsud
  9. Mill-Bidu Nett (part 1)
  10. Mill-Bidu Nett (part 2)
  11. Kelinu Vella Haber & Peter A.Caruana
  12. Broadcasts from North America. Guests: Joe Calleja & Johnny Catania
  13. Charles Aquilina

Series 2

The second series was broadcast on Saturday (confirm) between January and March 1991.

  1. Subscription collectors. Frank Saietta & Charles Carabott
  2. Tony Agius
  3. Sports: Carmelo Costa & Lewis Portelli
  4. Joseph Aquilina & Charles Coleiro
  5. Mill-Bidu Nett (part 3) + Romeo Micallef & George Zarb
  6. Charles Arrigo
  7. Kelinu Vella Haber & Victor Apap
  8. Carmen Carbonaro + Remembering Mikiel Abela l-Bambinu
  9. Frans Buttigieg
  10. Ġużé Chetcuti & J. G. Vassallo
  11. Joe Grima & Laurence Mizzi
  12. Victor Aquilina
  13. Fr David Azzopardi & Manni Spiteri