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Ġorġ Peresso

Ġorġ Peresso was born in Birgu on the 9th September 1939, He is a broadcaster and writer from Malta

Exactly on the year that saw the beginning of WWII. Born to Lorenzo Peresso and Carmen nee Coleiro, Ġorġ was the eldest child of 11 and the only one to be born in Vittoriosa.

He started his studies at Cospicua Primary School and then continued at De La Salle College which was still in Cospicua at that time.

As everybody knows, Ġorġ is a main contributor to the Maltese literature, with books of different genres, song lyrics, etc. He also served as Head of Xandir Malta and he is still a contributor to the local radio stations. Serenata lill-Birgu and Notte di San Lorenzo are two of the beautiful songs he wrote to glorify St.Lawrence, Patron saint of Vittoriosa.

Ġorġ Perssso never denied that he is from Birgu and will always treasure in his heart the devotion to St.Lawrence, the feast of this saint and his love to Birgu.