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Victor Apap Actor and Author was born in Valletta 9th. July,1913.

Received his education at St. Mary School, proceeding to the Lyceum. He started on the staff of Leħen Is-Sewwa (1933-1936). And in 1936 he joined the civil service, he served as deputu registrar HM Supperior Courts and was appointed administrative Officer at The Housing Deptmenent in 1969.

Apap started his career in theatre in 1934 as part of the theatre company Gioventu Cattolica. He was also very active as an actor in several radio plays.

In 1931, Victor was one of the founding members of the Malta Catholic Action, in which he remained an active member until his death.

Victor Apap was elected as member of the Għaqda tal-Kittieba tal-Malti. He produced several literary masterpieces including "Ulied ta' l-Azzar" (1960), "Dar il-Hena" (1972), "F'Bieb il-Ħajja"(1975), "L-Irġiel Tagħha" (1976), "Misraħ Qawsalla (1983) and "Triq Fawwara 22" (1984)

In 1970 he was awarded the "Gold Star" as the best actor of that year on Rediffiusion.

He married Maria nee' Schembri in 1939 an actress too sister of the late Gemma Portelli and another actress Connie Azzopardi and they got four daughters, Margaret, Mariam, Celia and Tania.

Victor Apap died on 26th August, 2001 at 88.

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