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David Azzopardi

David Azzopardi born on 6 May, 1940 in Birkirkara, received his studies at St Aloysius College and St Agatha’s, Rabat. Second sibling out of eleven brothers and sisters. Son of Joseph and Helen nee Borg and his real name was Joseph. Composer, singer, broadcaster, journalist

At 11 years of age, on 3 October 1951, he joined the Missionary Society of St. Paul. In 1958, he received the habit of the congregation and persued his studies in philosophy and theology and psychology at St Mark’s College, Rabat.

Azzopardi was ordained priest in 1967. He also studied music under Fr.Albert Borg osa and Chev.Rev.Carmelo Scerri while as for poetry was trained by Il-Poeta Tan-Nirien, Karmenu Vassallo.

For 15 years, Azzopardi taught English, Music and Religion at St Paul’s Missionary College.


Sensitive to people’s needs, Azzopardi worked close to the elderly, married couples, youths and children. He has organized youth groups for misionary experiences in Pakistan and India and to help the earthquake victims of Naples.

In 1982 Azzopardi founded the Movement for Courage and Hope for widowed persons. In November of same year he became director of St Dominic’s Savio Community Centre in Birkirkara. In 1986 he launched the building project: Għal-Tagħlim Nisrani Aħjar while in 1988 he was elected second assistant to the superior general of MSSP. In 1994 he was re-elected and given a special assignment to minister for the individual and personal needs and care to all members of the same society.

In 1998, Azzopardi was released of his priestly duties and joined Sedqa.There he worked for eleven years with youth having drug problems. In 2006 he was voted as Sedqa’s Worker of the Year.

On the 18th of August, 1999, David married Doris Spiteri, a senior journalist with Media.Link

In 1998 - 2008, he was serving on the Prison Board of Visitors while in 2008 -2009 he was assigned to be a Juvenile Court Assistant.

For the last years he was on the Board for Detainees Persons.

Broadcasting profile

Started broadcasting in 1967 as producer/presenter with MTV and Redifusion. He formed part of the religious Broadcasting Panel with Fr.Charles Vella. He was also presenting a children program Studio Għat-Tfal with Renato Agius Muscat, Charles Xuereb and Trevor Zahra. In 1970 he successfully completed a radio and television course at the Catholic Radio and Television Centre, Hatch End, London, practicing with the BBC , RTF, and RAI. In 1974 he carried out research with the help of NBC in New York and published various articles related to Broadcasting. Azzopardi has also produced and presented programs on the Melbourne Ethnic Radio Station in Australia. Some of his popular early programs were published in book forms.

In 1990 – 1994 he was appointed first Head of programmes for RTK Radio station.

In the year 2,000, every Sunday afternoon, together with his wife Doris, they produced and presented Speċjali Għalik, a three hours TV programme on Net TV, which proved to be very popular with the Maltese audience. Then they produced and presented four documentaries about Lourdes and a thirteen programmes serial Tini Jdejk dealing with human stories.

In August 2001, he became first Head of Programmes for BKR Radio Station.

Together with Roderick Agius delivered live broadcasting of the beatification of Dun Ġorġ Preca, Addeodata Pisani and Nazju Falzon: the funeral of Pope John Paul II, the crowning of Pope Benedict XVI and on the 3rd June, 2007, he did the live commentary on NET tv of the canonization of St Ġorġ Preca.

His latest TV serials were Din Ħajti on Super One Tv and Minn Wara l-Kwinti on Calypso Tv.

He joined Valentina communications Ltd as Xfm 100.2 Radio Station Manager in May 2010 till 2013.

Together with his directors, Gabriella Borg Bonaci and Alvin Cacciatolo they created the RTNT Media Accademy (Radio and Telvision, New and Traditional Media Accademy.) So far they have run five courses: two for Radio Dejays and Presenters and three for Camera person and TV Directors. To-day he is Head of programs for the new tv station XEJK

Music Profile

In 1970 David formed the MSSP Guitar Group writing the lyrics and composing the music of three long-playing albums, twelve singles and two compact discs, Most of his songs topped the local music charts. In 1976 he was voted as Malta’s most popular singer.

David Azzopardi - Singing

He published three music books with original lyrics and music with teach yourself guitar basic lessons. In the Music Accademy Awards, organized for the very first time in Malta, October’95 , his cd album Għanja Ġdida was nominated for the Best Maltese CD released in local market. Same album was one of the four best sellers albums for 1995 while Wiċċ Imb’Wiċċ was nominated for the best Maltese CD released in 1996 and had the same success in local market as its previous CD .

Lately he released three other CD albums: Ilma Ġieri : An all original Christmas CD Album, Milied Tfuliti and Alla Bagħhtek! dedicated to San Ġorġ Preca.

In 1976 Azzopardi made his first tour, visiting USA and Canada. In 1977 he gave his first concert in Australia where around 7,000 Maltese migrants attended. In his Australian tours, Azzopardi raised substantial sums of money for the building of the Maltese Community Centre in Victoria.

Some of his songs have been translated into other languages.

In 1990, with Vince Fabri he formed and directed the 150 strong youth choir for the Pope John II rally at Ta’ Qali in honour of Pope John Paul’s visit to Malta. He also wrote and composed a song for the occasion.

Same Choir performed at the services held by BBC on the Grand Harbour Waterfron to celebrate the 50 years from the presentation of the George Cross to Malta.

He composed a band march and procession hymn for St Helen’s band club Birkirkara.

As a composer, writer, singer he released 3 Lps, 14 vinyl records and 5 cd’s Albums.

Profile: Journalist / Author

Has been a regular contributor with The Sunday Times of Malta and Life & Style Magazine. Has contributed many features and writings on leading Maltese Newspapers.

He has published two books in Maltese with real human stories : M'Inthix Waħdek Vol.1 and M’Inthix Waħdek Vol.2.

Two years ago he published his book in Maltese Iż-Żija Tal-Mellieħa while he has just pulished his second book in this series It-Tifel ta’ L-Istitut, Il-Misteru ta’ taħt is-siġra tal-Ħarrub will follow.

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