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Kelinu Vella Haber was born in Gozo, (Malta) on the 1 October 1913, the year of the International Eucharistic Congress in Malta. His father was Lucju Vella Haber, son Peter Paul Vella and Karmena Haber sister of the benefactor of the parish of Nadur, Dun Guzepp Habe. His mother was Anna Buttigieg Grima, a parentage of Mons. Dun Mikiel Buttigieg first Bishop of Gozo, marked by a plaque in Monumental Temple of Nadur where he was baptised, although he was born in Qala. Baron Vella Haber studied at Nadur primary school, the Seminary of Gozo, St. Aloysius College of Birkirkara and studied philosophy and literature at St. Mark College for High Superior studies in Malta.

Baron Kelinu Vella Haber married Carmen Camilleri Bartolo on the 18 August, 1945.

Baron Kelinu Vella Haber and his wife Carmen has three children, Frances, Joyce and Dr. Michael Vella Haber. Baron Vella Haber is regarded as one of the most enthusiastic about Nadur in his time. He wrote poems, poemett, essays, novels, legends. He published as an editor, together with Canon Dun. Karm Caruana the first history of Nadur in the year 1953.. His peomett "Nadurjana" is a witness of his patriotism as a Naduri.

He was Head teacher of the Maltese language in Gozo's Seminary as well as in the Lyceum of Gozo. in (1941-43 ); Inspector of agriculture in Malta (1943 -49); Agricultural information officer (1950-58 ); Senior Officer and Head of Division in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries ( 1958-73 ); He was also in charge of all publication of agriculture and in charge of the program for farmers every Friday on Rediffusion Malta.

Vella Haber became a poet and literate, writer of many forms of literary writings techniques cultural and social. He won Literary Awards in competitions of poetry, lyrics, or balata and sunetti, in 1938, 1941, 42, 43, and 45. After launching this, he himself initiated the Culturali Literary Contests. He became a member of the Academy of Malta on 7 July 1942 and was the youngest Academic among the members of all the Academy.

Vella Haber wrote and published many books in Maltese: The National Sanctuary of Qala (1938), Book about chicken (1948) Calendar of Flowers (1957) Calendar of Vegetables and Spices (1961), Book about Wine (1961) The secrecy of Poultry (1963), The Secret of Heaven (1965), Editor Folju "Agriculture" (1966-73); Editor of "SOSJ Observer". Contributed to thousands of written articles on local newspapers and was mentioned several times in the press and foreign magazines. He has written many legends, essays and novels. Some of the legends and novels were actually written about Nadur.

In his social life, Vella Haber also made ​​a big name in Malta and Gozo. Established Maltese societies such was the movement of Maltese who had 30 branch b'1600 members, Established trade unions and was Secretary General of the Maltese Siggarettiera. He was Executive member of the Appeal for the children of United Nations in Malta


Baron Vella Haber was praised for his work by many international organizations who have presented him with medals and diplomas, knighthoods, titles, etc. etc. He received several academic honours, Knighthood and several titles. Vella Haber was awarded several distinguished honours from abroad: the Hon. D. Litt., Hon. Ph.D. Hon. D. Theol,, Etc.. etc.

In 1977 he was awarded the gold medal and the prize for Ore D'Lauro a poem by Di Pentzen Academy in Italy. He was also presented with the Gold Medal by the Academie de Lutece of France, and in 1985 was given the Targa and the Diploma "El Oro de Espana" by Colen Cristobal Academy of Spain together with the Academy Citta di Boretto of Italy.

Baron Kelinu Vella Haber was always ready to help when requested to write a peom or a hymn. He wrote a hymn " Lill Emigranti Nadurin fl-Awstralja ", Nadur Emigrants in Australia by my request........Peter Paul Portelli - Grand Master of the Knights of St. Peter & St. Paul.

Kelinu Vella Haber, a distinguished poet in contemporary Malta. PUBLICATIONS: “The National Sanctuary of Qala and the Hermit of Mosta”, “The Calendar of Flowers” ,“The Calendar of Gardening”,“Home-making of Wine”,“Poultry Breeding”,“Oratorium for S.S. Peter and Paul” ,“Folkdrama Naduriana” a 1100-verse literary work. “The Green Book” - History of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem - The Hereditary Order”. Thousands of contributions in the local press. EDITOR OF REVIEWS: Vella Haber has edited various reviews amongst which. “Il-Qawsalla” of the “Maltese Language Youth Movement”. “Il-Bidwi” and “L-Agrikoltura” for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries” . “S.O.S.J. Observer”. POEMS: Vella Haber has composed a prolific number of poems mainly in the Maltese Vernacular. He started writing poetry in 1936. In National Competitions he was awarded First Prize in 1937. Fourth Prize in 1941. First Prize in 1942. Honourable Mention in 1944. Third Prize in 1944.. He subsequently organised several poetry competitions.

Other awards: 1977 – Gold Laurels in Naples, Italy.

1991 - Gold Sceptre in Naples,Italy.

1992 - Christopher Colombus Trophy in Acireale.

2007 - Honorary Member of the Malta Poetry Society.

DOCTORATES: Vella Haber has been awarded several Doctorates in Literature and Philosophy such as those from the U.K. and the USA, a Doctorate in “Herbs and their Uses” by the International University of Colombo in Sri Lanka. HONOURS:

1995: Honorary President of the Luqa Philharmonic Society “L-Unjoni”.

1996: President François Mitterand presented him with the “Ordre Communitaire de l’Union Européenne”.

1997: FAO medal from the Minister of Agriculture.

1997: H.E. the President of the Republic of Malta, the Hon. Dr. Ugo Mifsud Bonnici invests Baron Vella Haber with the National Order of Merit.

1998: First citizen to be awarded “Ġieħ in-Nadur” by the Prime Minister of Malta, the Hon. Dr. Alfred Sant.

2003: Nominated for the Nobel Prize.

2003: Paul P. Borg launches book titled “Kelinu Vella Haber - Ħidmietu u l-Moviment tal-Malti” under the patronage of H. E. the President of the Republic of Malta, the Hon. Prof. Guido de Marco. This book received the first prize for research at the Malta Literary Awards.

2006: Parliamentary Secretary of Fisheries and Agriculture awards him FAO medal.

2007: Honorary President of the “Mount Carmel” Musical Society of Gzira.

2007: Honorary Member of the Malta Poetry Society. Award handed by the Minister for Gozo.

2008: Honorary President of the “Accademia Nazionale di Lettere, Arti e Scienze Ruggero II di Sicilia” of Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

RADIO: Baron K.Vella Haber, recognised as the pioneer of the Maltese Radio-drama, started broadcasting in 1938. For many years he broadcast the weekly programme of the Ministry of Agriculture and the literature programme of the Maltese Language Youth Movement. He has broadcast and produced well over 5000 programmes.

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