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Victor Galdes

Victor Galdes (6 May 1923 - 17 March 2004) was one of Malta's foremost post-war radio producers and broadcasters.

He was born in Valletta and studied at St Augustine's College in Valletta. He started acting at a young age, while he was a member of the Catholic Action and the Society for Christian Doctrine.

During the war he served as wireless operator for the Royal Air Force. After the war ended, he joined the International Radio as presenter. A few years later he joined Rediffusion, and during his full-time job, he studied radio production at the BBC in London.

Back in Malta, he started producing innovative radio shows, including Evviva l-Operetta, Nidħku Flimkien, Karambola, Mill-Barumbara, Ftit minuti Ma, Niltaqgħu Ma, Għerf bil-Kejla and Mimdudin u Weqfin. A week after, the first TV station in Malta was launched and Galdes was asked to present X'Jista' Jkun? - a thirty-minute prime-time TV quiz show. He appeared on TV for the first time on 2 October 1962.

Victor Galdes was one of Malta's most sought-after event presenters. He hosted the Miss Malta contest thirteen times. He was also a popular actor, forming part of the Stage Commandos and playing Vitor the Butcher in Charles Clews' comedy classic Karmena Abdilla.

He retired officially in 1984, but continued to present programmes on radio and television for some years after that.

Victor Galdes was married to Pauline nee' Buttigieg. Charles Arrigo was the bestman at their wedding and Fr Harry Born officiated at the ceremony. Victor and Pauline had one child, Albert Galdes, who also established himself in the local broadcasting and entertainment scene

Victor Galdes died on 17 March 2004 at 81.

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