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Geordie Debono

Geordie Debono was born to Maestro George Debono and Singer Mariella Pace Asciak on Sunday 16 April 1989. Since birth he was obviously surrounded by music when followed his brother Malvin in releasing popular Maltese songs at the age of three.

At the age of five Geordie was part of a Maltese production album Festa where he had some tracks recorded on this CD Album (Various tracks where Hu Paċenża Ma' Nerġax, Marridx Marridx and the famous Mhux Jien Mama)

Two years after his musical talent couldn't have been unnoticed where he had started Piano lessons under the hands of Ms. Veronique Ferrante and later on with his father who is the ex bandmaster of the Armed Forces of Malta. He was educated at De La Salle College and in his secondary he moved to St. Albert the Great College in Valletta.

In 2003 Geordie was inspired to start Drum lessons with Mr Joe Camilleri known as Bibi; this was after his trip to St. Peter's Burg in Russia with his parents where they were playing as a resident band in August at the Corinthia Nevski Palace Hotel. They were invited to return back in December and that was the big event where Geordie debuted with his drums during the Christmas Festive Seasons.

Main while Geordie's in 2005 main talent however is singing he started attending voice coaching at Amadeus Chamber Choir under the hands of Mr. Brian Cefai. Geordie also sings in wedding masses with his parents and also plays the drums and sings in wedding Receptions (Nowadays more or less he plays on his own or accompanied as a duo). For the past three years he had been also involved in the direction of the Choir Flos Carmeli at the parish church of Our Lady of Mount CarmelFleur De Lys.

During summer, 2006 Geordie took part in the popular TV programme competition 'Fil-Pjazza Tar-Rahal'. In order to participate in this programme Geordie had to pass through an eliminatory, which amounted to 250 talents. Geordie placed first, and won a Chevrolet Matiz thanks to Mira Motors. The car keys were presented by Belle Perez a very well known Spanish Singer.

Geordie also took part in the Festival Internazzionale di Maiori in July, in Italy; we also can say that this was the first international song festival for him to represent his country. He performed the same song that he sang during Fil-Pjażża tar-Raħal which is I Ricordi written by Joe Julian Farrugia and composed by Maestro Sammy Galea. Geordie placed 2nd in Maiori. President of the jury was MaestroVince Tempera who is the National band master of San Remo.

In 2007 Geordie completed his voice coaching with the very well known Soprano Marie Therese Vassallo Axiak. Good posture, breathing, voice placement etc.

Through previous festivals Geordie was invited to several upcoming events one of them was to participate in the festival Il Pulcinella D'oro held in Naples in Italy, where Geordie was awarded the Prize of the Jury. Geordie participated with the song 'Luna Rossa' being a Napolitan cover version; this was a very great opportunity for him.

In August he participated in the festival Arte Mare held in Riposto (it's near Acereale) in Sciliy where Geordie got Best Interpretation with the song Le Reti Getta Ancora written by Francesco Bonagura and Mark Spiteri Lucas.

In October Geordie departed to London - England where after an audition he was accepted for a Higher Diploma in contemporary music performance at the ICMP (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance). He learned into more detail about the voice, Songwriting, music arrangements and live performance.

In June 2008 Geordie Graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. There he studied under several tutors from different countries and nationalities. He studied different kind of Genres and also the Catherine Saddler Technique and all that requires for Song Writing. He also performed in live different venues from Acoustic Nights to huge Gigs with the singer Rochelle Parker.

In July Geordie went to another international festival in Tenerife and placed second just after the Maltese singer Morena. It was the Universong International Festival which Geordie took part with the song A Dream for Two written by Sammy Galea and Joe Julian Farrugia.

In August Geordie represented Malta in another edition of the Microfono d'Oro Festival held in San Felice Sul Panaro in Modena that is province of Naples in Italy. Geordie sang the song Senza Te written by Christopher Azzopardi and music by George De Bono. Geordie won the Massimo Roversi (Grand Prix) and Best Voice

The third festival in 2008 for Geordie was in ChisinauMoldova. Geordie represented Malta in the 2nd edition of the Festival Songs of the World where he represented Malta with the Moldavian song Eminescu who was a National Poet for Moldova and Romanian Countries. Geordie won Best Clarity in Moldavian Language and for the second time he won "Best Voice of the festival".

In 2009 Geordie does not only go for festivals to compete but also as a vocal coach. In January was his first time doing this role with his student Domenique Azzopardi where he went for the festival Euro Kids which was held in Pompeii in Italy. Domenique placed second in this festival singing Brivido which is a Maltese composition. The following May Geordie was also in for Ti Amo in Onesti - Romania as a Vocal Coach and also as a guest singer. He coached as well Domenique but this time two young singers took part referring to Nicole Azzopardi and Enya Magri. Domenique sang 'Un Mondo Giovane' by Sammy Galea and Joe Julian Farrugia, and placed third while Nicole and Enya sung the song 'Il Mondo Dei Bambini' and placed second.

August came and Geordie flew to Bologna in Italy where he took part in the festival "DoReMi" with the song 'A Dream For two' the same song that he placed second in Universong. Geordie this time won the Grand Prix and was sent to New York as the winner of this contest. In November he also participated in a contest in Berlin - Germany. This was the "Euro Pop Song Contest" where Geordie placed second.

Nowadays Geordie runs his own recording studio, where he composes music and produces musical arrangements. He also does television productions / features and adverts.

In 2010 for his second year Geordie has been present for the Ti Amo International Song Contest held in Onesti - Romania. Not only entertaining the audience but also as did in the previous year he was vocal coaching three maltese singers in seperate categories.

This was the first year for Malta to send three separate songs, Yanika sung the song Il Coro Degli Animali which is an original song composed by Maestro George De Bono and lyrics by Christopher Azzopardi. Yanika placed fourth (4th) in the festival and her song was also placed second as a best new composition. One could also say that this was her first appearance in an international festival being a soloist as previously she used to make part of a group which was quite popular with children's songs such as Il-Brikkuni. Yanika gave a very sweet interpretation of her song as she tells the story about her animals.

In the following section Malta was represented by Chelsea Refalo singing the song Benvenunti Nel Mio Mondo which was Composed by Geordie & George De Bono and the lyricist for this song was also Christopher Azzopardi. Chelsea has been singing for the past two years, this was her first international festival that she participated in placing second (2nd). On the other hand her song placed first (1st) from the section of the new original songs. "Benvenunti Nel Mio Mondo" also was awarded as the best song of the festival.

Last but not least in the older category aged twelve to fourteen years of age; Rochelle Grech sung the song Tutto Quello which was written by Joe Julian Farrugia and composed by Maestro Sammy Galea. As Rochelle appeared to her audience she was warmly welcomed with a round of applause. Tutto Quello is a laid back ballad and obviously this is the right song for Rochelle to perform with her Strong and powerful voice as mainly pointed out by the jury. Rochelle placed first (1st) in her category and was also awarded a flight to Venice to participate in another International contest which more details will be given in the near future. One can also say that in the same month Rochelle had also won the festival 'Iwien Muzikali' where she sang the song Memorji written by Natasha Turner and composed by Ivan De Battista & Geordie De Bono.

All three singers were coached by the singer Geordie who is also a graduated tutor from London. Geordie also performed for this festival as a guest singer during the gala night where he performed several songs from his repertoire.

Another great success from our singers means another great success for our country. Well done to the Maltese delegation led by Mariella Pace Asciak who for another year did their best and got a really great surprising result.

On the 9 November 2013 Geordie Debono took part in the Festival Internazzjonali tal-Kanzunetta Maltija 2013 and finished in the fifth place with the song Kuraġġ music by Philip Vella and lyrics of Joe Chircop, beside that he get the Tele-Voting Award.


  • Fl-Għaqda l-Melodija (2nd Televoting)
  • Fil-Pjażża Tar-Raħal (1st)
  • Festival Internazzionale di Maiori (2nd)
  • Pulcinella D'Oro (Premio di Guiria)
  • Arte Mare (Best Interpretation)
  • Graduated (Popular Music Performance)
  • Universong (2nd)
  • Microfono d'Oro (Grand Prix & Best Voice)
  • Songs of the World (Best Clarity in the Moldavian language & Best Voice)
  • DoReMi (Grand Prix)
  • Euro Pop Song Contest (2nd)