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Rochelle Grech

Rochelle Grech was born on the 24 December 1995 and lives in l-Iklin. She is a singer presenter from Malta.

She attended St. Dorothy’s Ħaż-Żebbug. Although she still at a younger age, Rochelle has already achieved quiet a lot in her career. She started singing lessons at the age of 3 as a soloist and formed part of a choir under Doreen Galea. Although life sometimes was harsh for her she learned to carry on and therefore fought all obstacles and never looked back.

Apart from participating in many local song competitions Rochelle also participated in festival abroad which she will cherish forever as they were the beginning of her career.

Her last festival she participated in abroad was the Ti Amo festival held in Romania where she was chosen by Maestro Sammy Galea in 2011 where she managed to place first with the song Tutto Quello lyrics by Joe Julian Farrugia and composed by Sammy Galea himself, which in this festival she was very near to achieve the Gran Prix Award. During the festival she was the one chosen to go and sing in another festival in Venice but this time as a Special Guest.

She had also participated in the Tralcio D’Oro festival in Bari (Italy), in which this time she had to compete in another festival here in Malta to get chosen for the festival. She placed first here in Malta and again she was chosen to represent Malta in 2007 where there she also placed first with the song Credo written again by Joe Julian Farrugia together with Sammy Galea. The song which in Maltese was sung by Mary Spiteri Kif Qatt Nista Nħobb Aħjar.

During the same period of Tralcio D’Oro, she also took part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest whilst she formed part of a group Kidz Mania and together they placed third. It was her first time entering the festival. Another festival she’s been to was the Verdinote festival in which she participated as a duet and came third.

Rochelle took part in various festivals here in Malta with very good results. Amongst them the festival Ilwien Muzikali with the song Memorji composed by Ivan Debattista together with Geordie Debono and lyrics written by Natasha Turner.

She also took part in several musicals and concerts here in Malta one of them being the famous Maltese Rock Opera Ġensna in Concert in 2010 at Mediterrane Conference Center.

Apart from her passion of singing, Rochelle dances and acts too. She’s been going to lessons of Drama and Dancing lessons from the age of 11 under the management of Keith Dance Studio (dance) and Bronk Productions (drama), and in the near future you will also see her as one of the cast of The Christmas Panto, but we will keep you updated later on. As regards to dancing Keith himself helped her to achieve goals in life and choreographed various of her songs placing in very good positions such as Best Choreography.

On 27 July, 2014 Rochelle presented the The Summer Magic Melody Singer's Festival together with Eliana Gomez Bianco.

When asked what she imagines herself doing in the next 10 years, she said that she want to continue achieving and carrying on with her career. She also stated that Nobody’s Perfect and that everyone needs to work really hard to achieve what they want. She also wants to thank everyone in her life as they made her the person she is today, especially her family for always being behind her back in good and bad times. She wants to send a message to everyone Out there especially with the same career as her to never give up in life as something big and better can happen in the near future. You’ll never know when the time comes and to always keep your feet on the ground. At the end of the day we’re all under the same roof and we’re all the same.

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