Għaqda Mużikali Marija Annunzjata Ħal Tarxien A.D. 1862

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Għaqda Mużikali Maria Annunzjata
Banda Annunzjata Sena 1963

The Annunciation Band Club in Ħal Tarxien known as Għaqda Mużikali Marija Annunzjata’ is the only band club established in the village of Ħal Tarxien in Malta. Its origins are traced back to the mid 19th century. In 1862, Odilone Caruana, a well-known personality from Ħaż-Żabbar, residing in the village, gathered some youths to set up a band club in Tarxien.

The band was originally known as Banda del Tarxien. Later on, the band changed its name to San Ġiovanni since Ħal Tarxien was known as ir-raħal ta’ San Ġwann (the village of St. John), until in 1885 it became known as Banda San Giuseppe, following the erection of a chapel dedicated to St Joseph in the outskirts of the village. Its first premises were located in Strada Sant’ Anna and later the club was transfered to 54, Strada Reale.

Banda Annunzjata ta’ Ħal-Tarxien

In 1904 the band club became known as Circolo Filarmonica Annunzjata and in 1912 it acquired new larger premises in Strada Paola, the same premises which are still in use today. The band club kept its Italian name until it was statutory changed to Għaqda Mużikali Marija Annunzjata in 1986.

The club’s first band director was Mro Giuseppe Portelli till 1890. He was followed by Mro Napoleon Caruana Dingli and other various famous bandmasters amongst whom Mro Lorenzo Gonzi and Mro Vincenzo Ciappara.

After all these years of existance, the Annuncation Band Club is still the only band club founded in Tarxien. It offers free musical lessons for all those people who wish to learn music and gives the opportunity to form part of the band afterwards.

The band club new premises which are being built will offer a place for all people and ideal for family and friends gatherings all year round especially in May when the village of Tarxien celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation.

Coath of Arm

The club's logo, designed by Chev. Rafel Bonnici Calì, is very similar to the Parish’s coat of arms, which is made up of two main parts. The upper part features the letter M which stands for the Blessed Virgin Mary, whilst the lower part features two upright blue stripes, against a white background. In addition to this the club's logo features the musical ‘lyra’ (harp), which is positioned between the blue stripes in the lower part.


Since its setup the Tarxien band club had 33 Presidents who, together with the club members and its bandisti, strived hard to promote the music culture amongst the locals of Tarxien. The club always had a substantial number of student band players who later on became members of the club's band.

Main Committee

The club is run by an executive committee made up of 13 members and led by the committee's President. All officials serving in this committee are elected biannually during an Annual General Meeting. The current president is Mr. Victor Seguna and has been in office since 2007. The current band director is Mro. Hermann Farrugia Frantz and has been in office since 2011.

Youth Section

Youth Section Coath of Arm

The executive committee is supported by the club's youths section founded in 1993 Sezzjoni Żgħażagħ u Partitarji in the running of the club and the organization of the various activities held by the club during the year.

L-Imrweħa li tintuża waqt il-marċi
Il-Briju fil-marċi waqt il-Marċ tal-Anġlu

Band Commission

The executive committee is supported by the band comission which is in charge of all the band members of the Annunciation Band. It is responsbile of all the band’s comittments, especially during the feast week. The band commisson is also in-charge of the annual muscial programme held on Wednesday of the feast week.

Kumitat Planċier

In 1994, a group of band club activists formed the Kumitat Planċier which after 7 years of hard work and sacrifices inaugurated one of the biggest and richest bandstand (planċier) in Malta.

Years passed by, however for most local Maltese activists, it is still considered to be one of the best Planċier ever.

Inawgurażżjoni Planċier 2001
Il-Planċier Armat
Il-Planċier Armat

Construction of new Premises

In 2011, this band club started one of the biggest project which has ever did. The demolition of the current premises and construction of a new band club. The new facilities which are being built and are at an advanced stage, include a large basement, a main entrance which stairs leading to the second floor, large bar-area, three large halls and a new façade complimenting the urban conservation area of the old village of Tarxien.

Currently the construction of the main entrance is taking place whilst the latest preparations for the construction of the main facade are being made.

150th year Anniversary Celebrations

In 2012, the Annunciation Band Club of Tarxien commemorated the 150th year anniversary. A new logo Futur lil Wirtna designed by the late Renzo Gauci was inaugurated in January 2012 after a mass held at the Tarxien parish and a march by the band around Tarxien for the opening celebrations of this important anniversary.

For the 150th anniversary occasion the Annunciation Band Club issued two recordings: Funeral Marches Lachrimae Christi and Festive Marches Futur lil Wirtna.

In April 2012, to commemorate the 150th anniversay the Annunciation Band presented a concert of holy music named A Maria Santissima Annunziata held at Tarxien Parish Church.

The 5th May 2012, saw the band participating in the official ceremony where the first stone of the new premises of the band club was placed by the President of Malta Dr.George Abela.

In September 2012 a concert Mużika 150 was held at the Grand Master Palace in Valletta to commemorate the 150th anniversary of this band club.

Kunċert Mużikali f'okkażżjoni tal-150 sena
Kunċert Mużikali f'okkażżjoni tal-150 sena
Il-logo tal-150 anniversarju magħmul minn Renzo Gauci


Band Masters

No Band Master From Until
01 Ġuseppe Portelli 1870 1890
02 Napuljun Caruana Dingli 1890 1905
03 Salvatore Galea Abela 1905 1906
04 Ignazio Catania 1906 1908
05 Ġiuseppe Camenzuli 1908 1909
06 Lorenzo Gonzi 1909 1924
07 Vincenzo Ciappara 1924 1931
08 Lorenzo Gonzi 1931 1934
09 Antonio Zammit 1934 1938
10 Ġiuseppe Buttigieg 1938 1944
11 Ġiuseppe Magri 1944 1945
12 Ġiuseppe Buttigieg 1945 1972
13 Salvino Fabri 1972 1974
14 Paolo Buttigieg 1974 1978
15 John J. Pace 1978 1983
16 Ġiuseppe Buttigieg 1983 1984
17 Paolo Buttigieg 1984 1991
18 Saviour Portelli 1991 1993
19 Dominic Darmanin 1993 1997
20 Victor Vella 1997 2011
21 Hermann Farrugia Frantz 2011


No President From Until
01 Odilone Caruana 1862 1890
02 Giuseppe Spiteri 1890 1994
03 Marquis George Crispo-Barbaro 1894 1896
04 Sigismondo Savona 1896 1906
05 Gaetano Lanzon 1906 1909
06 Ġiovanni Faure 1909
07 Carmelo Mamo 1909 1924
08 Carmelo Sant 1924
09 Carmelo Farrugia 1924 1926
10 Ġiovanni Micallef Goggi 1926
11 Dr. Paul Schembri M.D 1926 1927
12 Lorenzo Ebejer 1927 1929
13 Thomas Berry 1929 1936
14 Marquis George Crispo-Barbaro 1930 1934
15 Lucrezio Bonavia 1934
16 Giuseppe Adolfo Ruggier 1934 1936
17 Giuseppe Maria Ruggier 1936 1937
18 Chev. Raffaele Bonnici Calġ 1937 1946
19 William Tagliaferro 1946 1950
20 Annunziato Zammit 1950 1959
21 Salvatore Camilleri 1959 1967
22 John Cassar 1967 1968
23 Salvatore Camilleri 1968 1969
24 Dr. Joseph Cassar LL.D. M.P. 1969 1970
25 Joseph M.Cachia 1970 1987
26 Salvatore Farrugia 1987 1991
27 Joseph L. Vella 1991 1992
28 Vincent Battistino 1992 1996
29 Felix Gauci 1996 1998
30 Carmel Mercieca 1998 2000
31 Anthony Piscopo 2000 2000
32 Victor Seguna 2007


No Secretaries From Until
01 Anton Briffa 2022


No Treasurers From Until
01 Edwin Mercieca 2022

Band Commissions

Band Activities Overseas

Historical Events in which the Band participated

Song Festivals, Events or Drama Activies

Annual Concerts

Annual Musical Activities

Recorded releases (LPs, Cassettes and CDs)


No Name of Cassettes - Festive Marches Year Marches Funeral Marches Waltzes Others
01 Festive Marches - Marċi Brijuzi - Għaqda Mużikali Maria Annunziata (1990) 1990 *
02 Festive Marches - Marċi Brijuzi - Għaqda Mużikali Maria Annunziata (1992) 1992 *
03 Festive Marches - Marċi Brijuzi - Għaqda Mużikali Maria Annunziata (1994) 1994 *
04 Festive Marches - Marċi Brijuzi - Għaqda Mużikali Maria Annunziata (1998 - 1999) 1998-1999 *
05 Festive Marches - Marċi Brijuzi - Għaqda Mużikali Maria Annunziata (2000) 2000 *
06 Festive Marches - Marċi Brijuzi - Festa 2001 - Għaqda Mużikali Maria Annunziata (2001) 2001 *


No Name of Cd's - Festive Marches Year Marches Funeral Marches Waltzes Others
01 Festive Marches - Marċi Brijuzi - Festa 2005 - Mill-Għaqda Mużikali Maria Annuzjata (Tarxien) (2005) (Vol. 01) 2005 *
02 Festive Marches - Marċi Brijuzi - Futur lil Wirtna fl-okkażjoni tal-150 Anniversarju mit-twaqqif tal-Għaqda Mużikali Maria Annuzjata (Tarxien) (2012) (Vol. 02) 2012 *
No Name of Cd's - Funeral Marches Year Marches Funeral Marches Waltzes Others
01 Funeral Marches - Marċi Funebri - Mill-Għaqda Mużikali Maria Annuzjata (Tarxien) (1995) (Vol. 01) 1995 *
02 Funeral Marches - Marċi Funebri - Lachrimae Christi f'okkażjoni tal-150 sena mit-twaqqif ta' l-Għaqda Mużikali Maria Annuzjata (Tarxien) (2012) (Vol. 02) 2012 *

Programmes and Publications


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