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Mark Tonna

Mark Tonna was born in iż-Żurrieq, Malta on 13 March 1963. He is a singer songwriter and musician.

He began his musical career, when he was eleven years old, when with friends of the school have formed a choir and a group with guitars during mass.

From there Mark combine his first pop group, even with his brother Claudio Tonna then later, he was part of the various groups of rock music, until in 1993 decided to go solo.

He Took part in various musicals both local and foreign such as Ali Baba, It-Tfajla tal-Palazz, Ir-Rebbieħ and many others.

In 1996 he released his first CD album entitled Before my Eyes. He composed a music and wrote the words of nine of the twelve song that contains this album. In the same year he composed a music of his first musical called Jisimni Katarina, inspired by the story of St. Catherine.

Mark Tonna composed a not only wrote the words but also his second musical called Mill-Jasar Għall Qawmien, which deals with the story of the passion of Jesus Christ.

He took part in several festivals including Malta Song for Europe, International Festival of Maltese Song, L-Għanja tal-Poplu a festival, that Mark was won by composition of Rene’Mamo with the song Allerġija Għall-Bnedmin, in 1996, also took part in the Konkors Kanżunetta Indipendenża, which also managed to win this festival in 2000, with the song Waħdek ma tkun Qatt, composition of Chan Vella, and lyrics by Mark Tonna.

Mark Tonna

The talents of Mark Tonna, also went offshore Malta, where Mark sang inside Tunisia, Italy, Dubai, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, which has represented Malta in the Discovery Festival 1998, where he won the prize Best International Artistic Performance, Turkey, the United States of America excited and in Australia where in these latter two countries, Mark sang for Maltese emigrants with another maltese singer Debbie Scerri for a tour of four weeks between Dicember and January 2010 and 2011.

For four consecutive years, Mark Tonna was nominated in the category Best Male Singer in the Malta Music Awards.

Recently Mark take part in the original musical Ħidmietna to memorate the 70 years of the General Workes Union music by Elton Zarb and written and direct by Brian Bonnici held in October 2013.

Besides currently prepar for the International Maltese Song Festival Final that will be held on 9 November 2013. where he finished in second place with the song Poeta Bla Kliem words by Emil Calleja Bayliss and music by Mark Scicluna



Before My Eyes (1996)

  • 01. Calling Out Your Name
  • 02. Before My Eyes
  • 03. Qalbi Miftuħa Għalik
  • 04. Windsurfer
  • 05. Bejni w' Bejn Ruħi
  • 06. Give Me An Answer
  • 07. When Your Love For Me Is Gone
  • 08. Bi Ktieb Mal-Kitarra fil-Kwiet
  • 09. Għalfejn Warrabt?
  • 10. Correo' da Te
  • 11. Int
  • 12. All That I Can Do

The Best Of Mark Tonna

  • 01. Walk With Me
  • 02. Taparsi
  • 03. Allerġija Għall-Bnedmin
  • 04. Faraġ ta'Xejn
  • 05. Xbejba tal-Ħrejjef
  • 06. Aħjar
  • 07. Before My Eyes
  • 08. Imħabba t'emigrant
  • 09. Emigrant
  • 10. Ħallini Noħlom
  • 11. Il-Bikja tal-Lejl
  • 12. Ġenna f'din l-Art
  • 13. Tgħid Veru
  • 14. Waħdek ma' Tkun Qatt
  • 15. Tħallihomx
  • 16. Kantali Ħabib


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