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Clive Muscat

Clive Muscat born on 26 March 1991 is a singer, dancer and actor.

Clive started taking vocal lessons at the age of eight and his first song was ‘Dixy’, written and composed by Augusto Cardinali. At the age of nine, he started taking dancing lessons at Annalise School of Modern Dancing and in 2001, he started acting. His first musical was Il-Ħotbi ta' Notre Dame produced by Bronk Productions and in the same year, he started training Jazz dance at the College of Jazz Dance.

From there onwards he never looked back and started taking part in many musical, festivals, TV programmes and TV series. Following are some of his highlights:

As an actor, Clive had a main role in Dejjem Tiegħek Becky on TVM. He played the role of Jeremy for five consecutive years in this TV series produced by Eileen Montesin. Other appearances include Shelly Rayner (ONE TV), Anġli (NET TV), It-Tfal Jiġu bil-Vapuri (NET TV), Għeruq (NET TV), Katrina (TVM) and Ħbieb u Għedewwa (TVM) both produced by Rewind Productions.

As an actor and dancer he took part in two consecutive pantomimes produced by Teatru Rjal: Laurel u Hardy fil-Kastell ta’ Harry Potter (2005) and Aladdin u t-Tifla tal-Granmastru (2006).

As a dancer, Clive took part in Yada Dance Company’s Annual Show, Circle of Senses (2007), as a member of the same company, with the choreography of Felix Busuttil and Theresa Kerr.

As a singer, in 2006 Clive participated in Għanja tal-Poplu – Żagħżagħ – 2006 with the song Dejjem Tagħkom penned by Rita Pace and composed by Glen Vella. In the same year, he interpreted the song Niftakar Fik, originally interpreted by the group The Followers, during the Epoka Singers’ Festival.

In February 2008, Clive joined Batista-Leisure Group for an unforgettable experience with ShowBiz High. This project included performances at Shafetsbury Theatre and at The Westminster Cathedral in London. Later on, he started attending SLS training by Miss Heather Baker.

In April 2008, he participated in Fl-Għaqda l-Melodija – 2008 festival organised by the General Workers’ Union with the song Ġrajja composed by Mro. Mark Spiteri Lucas and penned by Rita Pace. In June of the same year, he took part in Konkors Kanzunetta Lwien L-istilel with the song Terrur, a duet with JaniceBonniċi composed by Elton Zarb and penned by Rita Pace.

Clive Muscat

Clive was the winner of the 46th Edition of the Singer And Artists Festival, held in July 2009, with the song Unbreakable cover version of Westlife. This meant a lot for him as he has won the same trophy that Mary Spiteri (ESC 1992) won in the first edition of the same festival and got to open the event of Miss Malta on the same year.

In 2009, Clive placed 2nd with the song Il-Maħfra written by Deo Grech and composed by Andrew Zahra in L-Għanja tal-Maltin – 2009 organised by Stardust Promotions. He was also the 3rdprize winner in the 2011 edition when he sang the duet Rubacuori with Bianca Casha, a song penned by Clinton Paul and composed by Elton Zarb.

Clive also participated in L-Għanja tal-Poplu – 2012 with the song Umani penned by Paul Attard and composed by Mro. Anthony Camilleri.

Following his participation in Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza – 2009 – New Talent section, when he sang the song Vuċi Żagħżugħa composed by Glen Vella and written by Deo Grech. Clive will be making his return in the 2016 edition of the same festival. This time, he’ll be competing in the established singers’ section, with the song Sliem Għalikom. The song is written by Joe Chircop and composed by Mro. Mark Spiteri Lucas.

In 2014, Clive graduated with a Bachelor in Primary Education with Honours and in the present, he works as a teacher at St Clare’s College, St Julian’s Primary. He is also one of the directors at Rising Stars Performing Arts together with Deborah C and Leanne Anastasi.

In 2015, Clive joined Glen Vella and Pamela Bezzina’s Vocal Troupes and nowadays, he is also a member of the Maltese Pop Boyband Avenue Sky.