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Mapping Maltese Music in Australia

In January 2013 I visited Australia in an attempt to map out Maltese music connections in and around the two main areas of Melbourne and Sydney as part of a British Academy funded research project.

My main collaborator in this effort is Maltese-Australian radio producer Marlene Galea. I have also benefited greatly from several conversations with former Australian immigrant Albert Marshall in my preparation for this research visit as well as other conversations with Joe Axiaq at SBS Radio.

I met, spoke with and interview, where appropriate, the following individuals:



  • Andy Busuttil from Skorba
  • Adam Scicluna: recorded an oral history of his Maltese descent and comments about his Maltese connection/heritage by telephone. Recording is currently on SBS Radio server.
  • Amelia Farrigia: met at Opera Warehouse (is this what it's called?) in Sydney
  • Joe Muscat: recorded an oral history of his career in music, both in Malta and Australia. Recorded on miniDisk by Marlene, currently on SBS server. iPhone backup also available.
  • Vince Simiana: met along with the Mifsud Brothers (Sam, Laurie + Tony) at his studio in NSW.
  • Roderick Bovingdon: visited him at his home, where he has no computer or internet connection. To resume contact through Marlene. Steve Borg has already created a page on Rigu Bovingdon.
  • The Mifsud Brothers: met Sam, Laurie + Tony at Vince Simiana's studio. Follow-up with Sam Mifsud via Facebook. Ian & Vivienne Fry have adapted information from Who's Who, which is now with Marlene. Stub previously created by Steve Borg.
  • Paul Capsis: met at a Lebanese cafe in Sydney. His one man show is an embodiment of the sort of memory projects M3P can develop beyond the staged/filmed oral histories, perhaps with MAF support. To discuss further with Marlene.
  • Lawrence Dimech
  • Gejtu Pace
  • Mark Caruana + Antoinette Caruana

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