Sam Mifsud

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Sam Mifsud

Sam Mifsud (23 August 1944 - 26 October 2019) was a musician and entertainment producer from Żejtun who emigrated to New South Wales in Australia in 1960 where he lived the rest of his life.

Sam Mifsud playing his guitar

For many years he was directly associated with the La Valette Social Centre in Blacktown, NSW. He is best know for his work with The Mifsud Brothers and was also known as DJ Uncle Sam from his many webcasts under this name.

Saviour, which was given name, was married to Josephine and together they had three daughters: Sharon, Rosalie, and Samantha.

His funeral was held on Wednesday 30 October 2019 at 10.30am at St Michaels Catholic Church, 58 Orwell St, Blacktown. The service concluded with a private cremation.