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Albert Marshall

Albert Marshall born in Ħ'Attard on Dicember, 1947. Theatre Director, Poet, Presenter.

He was educated at the Archbishop’s Seminary and the University of Malta. In 1970, he obtained a teacher’s diploma from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. In a career spanning over 45 years, Albert Marshall’s name has become synonymous with theatre and television in Malta.

Albert’s career in the theatre started during the 1960s while he was a student at the University of Malta. He was an influential exponent of new writing for the Maltese stage and, as a theatre director, his work was acclaimed as innovative and different. It was during this time that Albert, who was one of the original founders of the Moviment Qawmien Letterarju, started publishing his literary work. His first publication was Dħaħen fl-Imħuħ, an anthology of “new wave” poetry, with Oliver Friggieri and Ġorġ Borg as co-authors.

Albert lived in London between 1969 and 1971 where he directed for the Cockpit Theatre and the Hampstead Theatre. For the 1970s World Theatre Season at the Aldwych Theatre, Albert assisted Peter Doubany in lighting design. In London, Albert edited and published his collection of poetry, Rumminiet Jittewbu minn wara s-Sejjieħ.

Between 1971 and 1980, he worked extensively in the Maltese electronic media and the theatre and his direction for theatre and television are remembered for its innovative energies and creative flair. In 1979, Albert was appointed the first Maltese Principal of the National Academy of Dramatic Art (MTADA).

Albert emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in January 1981. During his 15 years in Australia, he worked in Australian film, radio, theatre, and television. Albert was the first Maltese to direct at the Sydney Opera House.

In Melbourne, Albert founded Harmonic 65 Culture Club. With Harmonic 65 as producers, Albert wrote and directed for mainstream Australian theatre and television and, specifically, for the Maltese-Australian community.
Albert was also active in Melbourne’s literary circles. He was heavily involved in the promotion of the Maltese language in Australia. In fact, he occupied the post of Chairman of the panel responsible for the setting and assessing of the Australian national examination in the Maltese language.

In 1990, Albert started pursuing an academic career at Victoria University in Melbourne. After finishing reading for his Masters degree in Communication Studies, he was offered tenure as full-time lecturer at the University.

In December 1995, Albert was offered a contract by the University of Malta as lecturer and Head of University Radio.

Between December 1996 and June 1999, Albert occupied the post of Chief Executive of Public Broadcasting Services Ltd. At PBS, Albert revamped national broadcasting with the introduction of innovative broadcasting models and aggressive programming strategies.

After PBS, Albert was appointed Chief Executive of One Productions Ltd and Media Consultant for Bronville’s Bay Street project. He left One Productions in July 2005 to join the European Commission as Language Administrator based in Luxembourg. Albert was appointed fonctionnaire of the Commission but decided to come back to Malta in November 2008.

Between 1995 and 2004, Albert acted as the official representative of Victoria University in Malta and was responsible for the facilitation of student and lecturer exchanges between Victoria University and the University of Malta, as well as for the setting up of study grants and inter-university initiatives that led to important research projects mainly focused on intercultural and ethnic studies.

Albert’s literary and academic work has been published in Australia, Canada and Malta. His most recent publication, Jumping Puddles, had been awarded Best Book 2012 in the Poetry category by Il-Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb.
Currently, Albert holds the Chair of the Maltese Language Media Committee, working under the auspices of Il-Kunsill tal-Malti. In January 2011, Albert was appointed Member on Renzo Piano’s Open Theatre Management Board.

Albert is married to actress Jane Marshall, and their children, Mark and Kristina and grandsons Oliver, Silver and Alex reside in Melbourne, Australia.