The Entertainers Singing Challenge 2019-2020

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The Entertainer Singing Challenge 2018

After the fouth success Editions of the The Entertainers Singing Challenge 2015-2006, 2016-2017 and 2017-201. Spiteri Lucas Entertainment, on Saturday 5 October, 2019 night variety show on Net TV, The Entertainers - launch the fifthh edition of The Entertainers Singing Challenge 2019-2020

After promotion made and application and rules was out for talent local singers.

There were about who applied, and this time there were no traditional panel of judges in the in auditions. But the Productions team heard clips sent and chose. Jury enters scene in phase 1

Passed for The Semi-Final

On Saturday 5 October was annouced the 50 names of singers who will be competing in the first televised phase of the 3rd edition of The Entertainers Singing Challenge, here is the complete list: This year the competition was dived in two sections A and B and the sections. Section ‘A’ was for singers between till 14 years, while Section B was for singers Over 15 years.

the 5th Season of The Entertainers Singing Challenge will get underway during Malta's biggest Saturday night variety show The Entertainers.

==Section 'A' == Shaznay Mangion, Shyann Cutajar, Zoya Failla, Anneka Xerri, Emma Cutajar, Faith Bondin, Isaac Tom, Jody Debono, Kacey Azzopardi, Kaya Gouder Curmi, Mariah Briffa, Martina Abela, Shania Cauchi, Kaylee Cutajar, Kelsey Attard, Amy Farrugia, Elisa Muscat, Angelique Tabone, Naomi Agius, Charelle Micallef, Amelia Kalabic, Amy Fava, Eksenia Sammut, Elisa Andrea Muscat, Krista Sujak, Mychael Bartolo Chircop, Naila Brignano, Rihanna Caruana, Kylie Ann Cassar, Leah Cauchi, Leon Saliba Bugeja, Luana Schembri, Martina Cutajar and Rihanna Aquilina.

==Section ‘B’ == Bianca Vella, Gabrielle Debono, Graziella Vella, Maria Camilleri, Mark Portelli, Michela Deguara, Natalya Galdes, Vanessa Vassallo, Alexia Micallef, Bradley Debono, Amy Micallef, Christabel Spiteri, Shawn Ciantar, Francesca Busuttil.

Programme No.1

No Section Years Singers Songs Televoting Passed Video
01 A 11 Years Charelle Micallef My Heart Will Go On 50614997 (Click for Video)
02 A 13 Years Amy Farrugia Can't Take My Eyes off You 50614997 (Click for Video)
03 A 09 Years Amy Fava Dynamiten 50614997 (Click for Video)
04 A 09 Years Naomi Agius True Colours 50614997 (Click for Video)
05 A 11 Years Faith Bondin Rescue Me 50614997 (Click for Video)

Programme No.2

No Section Years Singers Songs Televoting Passed Video
06 A 10 Years Shyann Cutajar Listen 50614997 (Click for Video)
07 A 9 Years Anneka Xerri You Raise Me Up 50614997 (Click for Video)
08 A 11 Years Rihanna Marie Caruana I Can't Let Go 50614997 (Click for Video)
09 A 14 Years Shania Cauchi Who Wants To Live Forever 50614997 (Click for Video)
10 A 13 Years Eliza Muscat Tfajjel Ċkejken 50614997 (Click for Video)

Programme No.3

No Section Years Singers Songs Televoting Passed Video
11 A 13 Years Isaac Tom I Don't Wanna Be You Anymore 50614997 (Click for Video)
12 A Years Krista Šujak She Used to Be Mine 50614997 (Click for Video)
13 A 12 Years Leon Saliba Bugeja Kemm Hu Sabiħ 50614997 (Click for Video)
14 A 14 Years Kacey Azzopardi Jar of Hearts 50614997 (Click for Video)
15 A 11 Years Zoya Failla Dynasty 50614997 (Click for Video)

Programme No.4

No Section Years Singers Songs Televoting Passed Video
16 A 12 Years Mariah Briffa Shallow 50614997 (Click for Video)
17 A 9 Years Kaya Gouder Curmi Bring Him Home 50614997 (Click for Video)
18 A 12 Years Kelsey Attard Halleluljah 50614997 (Click for Video)

Programme No.5

No Section Years Singers Songs Televoting Passed Video
19 A 11 Years Angelique Tabone I Surrender 50614997 (Click for Video)
20 A 13 Years Leah Cauchi Beautiful 50614997 (Click for Video)
21 A 14 Years Luana Schembri I Put a Spell on You 50614997 (Click for Video)
01 B 24 Years Shawn Ciantar She's Like the Wind 50614997 (Click for Video)
02 B 17 Years Bradley Debono Writing's on the Wall 50614997 (Click for Video)


We would like to thank Gino Galea Photo Artis, Bristow Potteries Ltd. and Music Link (Noel Grech) for sponsoring The Singing Challenge. Good luck to all participants.