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Krista Šujak born on the 16 th August 2007, She lives with her family at Ħaż-Żebbuġ.

She started to attend vocal lessons at the tender age of 5, before moving onto piano theory and practice a mere 2 years later. In 2015, she had her first experience abroad, taking part in Tra Sogno e Realta, an Italian television programme on Mediaset where more than 7,000 participants put their first foot forward. She made the semi-final stage following a rendition of I Dreamed a Dream, leaving her mark with positive comments at every turn. Part of her journey was shown on La5, with the official website describing Krista as the voice that convinced a jury as soon as they heard it. Later in the same year, Krista took part in Misraħ il-Milied, a singing competition which aired on television. Once again, in her age group, she made the semi-final and ranked in her category. Krista has taken part in several other local contents, always with good results, including being the overall winner more than once.

In 2016, after a set of audition held in Malta, Krista was one of those chosen to travel to Sicily to take part in the program Accademia: Il Talent, where apart from singing in the competition, she attended several masterclasses on voice and interpretation. In the Summer of the same year, Krista had several appearances and competitions also on television. among them, she ranked second in Sajf Ma' Gaffiero - 2016.

In Misraħ il-Milied 2016, Krista went to the final stages with two songs, both in the Maltese language and in the foreign language, and classified in 3rd place with the song Pupa tal-Plastik. Krista also took part in The Entertainers program with the song Hurt, in a category between 9 and 12 years old, Krista being among the youngest participants in this category. For Krista this was an experience she will never forget, where she sang with a Live Band.

In 2017, after auditions, Krista was one of the finalists in San Remo Junior Malta 2017, which was broadcast live on TVM. During summer of that same year, Krista participated in the Music for Kids festival in Romania after being chosen by the organizers. It was a wonderful and different experience for her, where she also won a special award as well as the Honorary Award. Moving forward to October, the young performer took part in the Hybla Music International Contest in Sicily, where she was the only Maltese in her category, ranking 2nd and also being asked to take part in Cantagiro the following year.

The years 2020 and 2021 will forever be etched into Krista's mind, ranking 3rd in The Entertainers Singing Challenge, placing 3rd with Anyone in 2020-2021 and also being chosen to represent Malta in San Remo Junior, and as a result perform with the Sanremo Philharmonic Orchestra. She delivered a beautiful rendition of Anyone and won a special award by the jury.

going onto release 3 original songs which she either wrote, co-wrote and produced in her own home studio. Għalik Missier, Bl-Indipendenza and Help Her are available on all major streaming platforms.

Since then, she has continued developing herself as an artist, going onto release 3 original songs which she either wrote, co-wrote and produced in her own home studio. Għalik Missier, Bl-Indipendenza and Help Her are available on all major streaming platforms.

In January of 2023, she performed the song Crazy Little Thing Called Love accompanied by the DCapitals Band during Kantamagħna 2023. In April of 2023, she had the opportunity to co-present San Remo Junior Malta 2023, held at the Hilton Hotel and in summer of the same year, she took part in Songcraft, a showcase of young talent whereby one's singing and songwriting skilled are honed. She is also a finalist in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2023 with the song Mhux Għalissa which she composed to the lyrics of Rita Pace. Krista keeps herself busy with various performances at restaurants and hotels, and also as a singer/pianist at wedding events.

As of 2023, Krista is receiving vocal tuition with VocalBooth Studios, Glen Vella and is also part of the Ironic PR & Artist Management team, managed by Marc Calleja Bayliss.



Year Festival Songs Lyrics Composer Video
2019 KKI - Junior 2019 Fuq Bandla Emil Calleja Bayliss Marco Debono (Click for Video)
2019 KKI - Junior 2019 Ma Jonqosni Xejn Rita Pace Marco Debono (Click for Video)
2020 KKI - Junior 2020 Kebbist Emil Calleja Bayliss Philip Vella (Click for Video)
2021 KKI - Junior 2021 Bl-Indipendenza Krista Šujak,Emil Calleja Bayliss Krista Šujak (Click for Video)


Year Songs Lyrics Composer Video
2020 * Elfejn u Għoxrin Mariella Gerada Krista Šujak (Click for Video)
2021 Ghalik Missier Krista Šujak Krista Šujak (Click for Video)
2022 Help Her Krista Šujak Krista Šujak (Click for Video)
2023 Stronger Krista Šujak Krista Šujak (Click for Video)

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