Singer Stage Academy Showcase 2017

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Singer Stage Academy Showcase 2017

On Friday 13 October, 2017 Singer Stage directed by ‘Kaya’ Priscilla Giordano Psaila organizer for the first a showcase for all the students attending at Singer Stage Academy.

The event was held at Topaz Hotel in Buġibba and was presented by Francesca Zarb.

Although this was not a competition or Festival there was a panel of three singers Debbie Scerri, Joseph Refalo and Francesca Borg who made comments about the singers and give them tips to keep going work for their career.

All the singers performed with the live band of Mark Spiteri Lucas Spiteri Lucas Band

The Band

The Spiteri Lucas Band accompanied all the singers live.

The Singer Stage Showcase 2017

No Singers Songs
01 Singers Stage Choir Heartbeat Song
02 Singers Stage Choir Abba Medley
03 Justine Delmar Unstoppable
04 Martina Abela L-Aħħar Bidwi F'Wied il-Għasel
05 Graziella Vella Tutta Colpa Mia
06 Rhea Chetcuti Running
07 Emma Cutajar Hero
08 Maya Bugeja Lucas How Far I'll Go
09 Brittney Galea Io Vivro
10 Nicole Azzopardi Skyscrapper
11 Anhelica Pace Clown
12 Nedved Galea Rose Rosse
13 Krista Spiteri Lucas When We Were Young
14 Maria Christina Desira Respect
15 Emma D'Amato Halleluljah
16 Kaylee Cutajar Twist Of Love
17 Aidan Jay Drakard Margherita
18 Nicole Camilleri All I Ask
19 Janine Tonna Back To Black
20 Elisa Muscat Sweet People
21 Rihana Azzopardi River Deep Mountain High
22 Nicole Mangion Say You Love Me
23 Chloe Ann Zammit My Boy Lollipop
24 Chanelle Cardona Gli Uomini Non Cambiano
25 Amy Pace Colours Of The Wind
26 Katryna Borg Rolling In The Deep
27 Sheriden Balzan I Can't Let Go
28 Elyssa Aquilina Il Ballo Del Mattone
29 Shania Borg Lebrun Faded
30 Teo Zammit I'll Be There
31 Desirea Cunningham The Writings On The Wall
32 Trio Tre Bambole Save Rock 'n' Roll

The Sound

The sound was provided by Twilight managed by Alan Desira.