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Brittney Galea

Brittney Galea was born on 23 September, 1999. Comes from Ħamrun. She is a Singer.

From a younger age, has always had a propensity towards music, and her interest continued to growing when Maltese singers follow participate on behalf of Malta in the Eurovision Festival as Ira Losco and Chiara.

Begun and still learn under the guide of ' Kaya ' Priscilla Giordano Psaila, except she also take lesions also with Joshua Alamu.

Brittney took part in several festivals competitions, among these find the First Edition of Singer Stage Malta International Festival 2012, and Third Edition of Singer Stage Malta International Festival 2014, Fourth Edition of Singer Stage Malta International Festival 2015 took part in several other competitions organised by Gaffiero Productions, AllyGee monthly Entertainment, and in 2005 in the First Edition of Konkors Kanzunetta Misraħ il-Milied 2015 organized by Robert Cutajar. She also win several prizes and placed from first to fourth place at various festivals, in 'Misraħ il-Milied 2015' she also win 'Best Personality’ and a price to taken part in a local drama.

On 17 July, 2016 she also participated in the festival bearing the name of 'Quave’ where here she obtained the third, second, first place and even the ‘Grand Prix’ event.

In July 2016 Brittney taken part at Slovenia with many foreign singers, and managed to get the first place in its category at the festival Golden Microphone Bled 2016. For her this was the first experience so pleased a great sadisfaction. For future she is planning to cut a great desire to go to England to take part in British architectural Talent got or X factor. In addition she also plain to go in several other international festivals in different countries.

She also taken part in the Fifth Edition of Singer Stage Malta International Festival 2016 held in Malta between the 11, 12 and 13 November, 2016.

Brittney Galea

Between the 10 and 11 December, 2016 she took part in the Second Editon of Konkors Kanzunetta Misraħ il-Milied 2016 where she passed for the finali of Section C and win the second place in her category with the song ‘Seven Nation Army’.

Between 7 and 14 August, 2017 she went at Ohrid in Macedonia taken part in the 18 th.Edition of Tra La La Festival. And she went well by winner here category with two songs ‘Se Nkun Viċin’ and ‘Creep’.

Till now she got not yet had the opportunity to have been featured on television, only successful premium health, trainee in drama to participate in a production that Becky view on Net Tv.

Brittney did’nt play any instrument, but wish to have the opportunity to start learn playing the piano.

Is its desire to continue to undergo training in the joy and study to get more experience and enhance the achievements in joy. Furthermore wishes to continue its study also to accomplish its course in law to become a Lawyer or Notaries.

Brittney apart singing enjoys much follow fashion the various style clothing, buy, and much she likes the modelling. Will post to the animals, especially towards her dog Teddy

Only the joy, it is so for well party, in her life and its routine. Its intention is to make testing of voice, but due to other commitments of the school had put them slightly to the side. but in the future you want to reach the very time that concerns them and make them as well.