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ROCKNA Live & Unplugged CD cover

ROCKNA Live & Unplugged is a 13-track compilation featuring live recordings culled from an extensive collection of live sessions recorded during Michael Bugeja's weekly ROCKNA radio show, which is broadcast every Friday at 7.15pm CET on Radio 101. The digital album was officially launched during a special edition of ROCKNA broadcast on 2 November 2012.

The idea behind this compilation was to share some of the music that has played an integral part in making ROCKNA's role in promoting the local music scene all the more significant ever since the radio show started airing in July 2010.

The album was released through the M3P Foundation on Reciprocal Records with the support of MERC Clothing and Radio 101. The album is available as a free download.


ArtistSongBroadcast Date
1. Victor Chetcuti Nature's Child (3.35) 7 January 2011 <flashmp3 id="1"></flashmp3>
2. KulTural L-Għanja tal-Imgħallaq (5.11) 27 May 2011 <flashmp3 id="2"></flashmp3>
3. Alex Alden Dancing Alone (3.44) 16 March 2012 <flashmp3 id="3"></flashmp3>
4. For Strings Inn Tangerine Rock (4.10) 16 March 2012 <flashmp3 id="4"></flashmp3>
5. Errormantics Nothing Satisfies (3.30) 27 April 2012 <flashmp3 id="5"></flashmp3>
6. Mistura Isma' Bilfors (3.08) 11 May 2012 <flashmp3 id="6"></flashmp3>
7. Divine Sinners Cactus Rose (2.15) 18 May 2012 <flashmp3 id="7"></flashmp3>
8. Monobrow Musical Produce Carmen (2.45) 1 June 2012 <flashmp3 id="8"></flashmp3>
9. The Shh All Things With Love (3.41) 13 July 2012 <flashmp3 id="9"></flashmp3>
10. Thingybob Girl in the summer dress (3.06) 17 August 2012 <flashmp3 id="10"></flashmp3>
11. Claire Tonna Your Mother Said (3.24) 14 September 2012 <flashmp3 id="11"></flashmp3>
12. Clayton Micallef Rockna (5.19) 21 September 2012 <flashmp3 id="12"></flashmp3>
13. Joseph Portelli Standing Still (3.05) 12 October 2012 <flashmp3 id="13"></flashmp3>

Recorded and compiled by Michael Bugeja

Post-production by Antonio Olivari

Artwork and design concept by Pierre Portelli

With all rights, author’s rights, composer’s rights, producer’s and performing neighbouring rights reserved.


In 1992, one year after Radio 101 had been launched, the station released Watching The Music, a 10-track compilation CD featuring 2 tracks each from 5 different bands that were then active on the local scene. The compilation, inspired by John Bundy's Maltin Biss radio show, was a first for Maltese rock. It was also a welcome addition to the limited number of local CD releases available at the time, and to continue the tradition, I felt it fitting to release a compilation culled from ROCKNA’s archive 20 years later, this time recorded not in a proper studio, but live and unplugged during the show itself.

Michael Bugeja (ROCKNA presenter), November 2012

Special thanks to Antonio Olivari, Pierre Portelli, MERC Clothing, Radio 101, Charles Saliba, Jeanine Rizzo, Lito, Jean-Pierre Debattista, Toni Sant, Noel D'Anastas, Noel Mifsud, all contributing bands and artists and last but not least, all those who support the local music scene in any way, shape or form.

ROCKNA is a weekly radio show that has been broadcasting every Friday on Radio 101 since July 9, 2010. To date, the show has hosted over 140 different bands and artists, with more than half of them having also performed one or more songs live and unplugged during the show. Join the ROCKNA group by visiting ROCKNA on Facebook

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