Watching The Music

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Watching The Music CD cover

Watching The Music is a CD compilation produced and released by Radio 101 in 1992. The album features 10 tracks, 2 each from 5 Maltese bands. The album was a spin-off from a radio show about the Maltese music scene and was hosted by John Bundy.


  1. E-Zee Way Out - Running Out Of Time
  2. No Strings Attached - Seize The day
  3. Brainstorm - Only Time Will Tell
  4. Acid - Electric Lady
  5. Bigfoot - Typecasted Entities
  6. E-Zee Way Out - Sweet Little Angel
  7. No Strings Attached - The Good Life
  8. Brainstorm - One Track Mind
  9. Acid - Rock City Limits
  10. Bigfoot - Angel Turning


Directed by John Bundy Producer/Engineer: Robert Longo & David Vella Recorded at Temple Studios, Mgarr, Malta between January and May 1992.