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Nicole Vella

Nicole Vella was born in Malta on the 5 July 1999, to Matthew Vella and Maltese singer Debbie Scerri. Her uncle was Jason Sherri a singer and dancer who spend some years aboard at Germany.

She began her education at St. Joseph School Blata l-Bajda, and after completing her A-levels at G.F Abela Junior College, she enrolled in the Bachelor of Psychology (Hons.) course at the University of Malta and graduated in 2020. Currently, she is pursuing a Masters course in Gestalt Psychotherapy. Being a strong advocate for mental health, Nicole formed part of two psychology-related organisations during her time at University; BETAPSI and EFPSA (European Federation of Psychology Students Association), where they promoted mental health and well-being through various events.

Nicole Vella

Nicole always showed an inclination towards the arts, and from the tender age of 3, she began taking ballet classes at the College of Dance and hasn’t stopped since. At the age of 6, she began taking piano lessons and a few years later, she decided to start training singing professionally, under the tuition of Joshua Alamu and recently, Pamela Bezzina.

Nicole always used to accompany her mother whenever she had any singing shows or concerts, and sometimes she even got the chance to perform with her. From there, Nicole knew that she wanted to be on the stage. Her first solo experience was in 2010, when she took part in the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest, with the song ‘Let the Colours Shine’. A few years later, Nicole participated in the ‘Stars to be Singers’ Festival, hosted by Mark Spiteri Lucas where she finished in 3rd place.

In 2018, Nicole took part in the first edition of X Factor Malta where she made it through to Bootcamp. Currently, she is a resident singer on the local popular game show Ħadd Għalik, hosted by Angie Laus. Apart from competitions, she also participates in various charity marathons all around the island such as Maratona Dar tal-Providenza, MissioFest, Oħloq Tbissima, and many more. Recently, Nicole has also been doing live gigs in various restaurants, some of which are alongside her mother.

Nicole Vella

Besides her singing career, Nicole kickstarted her modelling career after winning the beauty pagent and title of Miss World Malta in 2019, where she then moved on to represent Malta at the month-long Miss World contest in London, England in December 2019. There, her talents excelled as out of 110 countries, she made it through to the top 5 in the Miss World Talent competition. Apart from this, Nicole was chosen alongside 9 other contestants to perform the song World in Union at the Miss World final, and also had the opportunity to record the song at the infamous Abbey Road Studios. At the local pagent, Nicole also won the award for Best Physique.

During her time as Miss World Malta, Nicole volunteered within various organisations. She visited the Puttinu Cares Rainbow Ward at [[[Mater Dei Hospital]], to spend some time with the children, as well as singing during different events to raise money for charities. She also raises awareness on different sectors such as donating clothes to different children’s homes, raising awareness on mental health issues as well as on Human Trafficking, which was also part of her Beauty with a Purpose Project at Miss World. Nicole is currently a Reading Ambassador with the National Literacy Agency where she promotes reading within various schools and also reads with the children. Outside of her role as Miss World Malta, she also took part in various fashion shows and photoshoots promoting local designers and brands.