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Petra Zammit

Petra Zammit (born 11 August 1987) is a blues singer from San Ġwann, Malta who was raised in Żejtun.

Her first public appearance was the Malta Song for Europe 2008 with the song Streetcar of Desire written by Elton Zarb and Rita Pace. The song made it to the final 8 on Saturday 26 January 2008.

Petra Zammit

In 2009 she won the first edition of the Academy Show produced by Grace Borg on One TV. Thea Garrett and Rhiannon Micallef tied in second place. [1]

Petra took part in the Malta EuroSong 2010 final on Saturday 20 February 2010, singing All I Need with music by Andrew Zammit and lyrics by Keith Zammit.

On Saturday 5 December 2010, Petra won second place in L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2010 with the song Rakkont ta’ Omm composed by Heathcliff Balzan with lyrics by Deo Grech. The song lyrics were also awarded the prize for Best Social Theme.

Petra taken part in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with the song 'Unintentional' words by Rita Pace and music by Elton Zarb, but she did'nt reach the Final phase.

Again she taken part in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013 the two songs one she sing it along and a duett, she reach the second phase with the 24 songs with 'No One Home' Lyrics by Richard Micallef and composer by Wayne Micallef, but she did'nt made it to the Final phase, but she made it with another song as a duett with Richard Edwards 'Wonderful Today' Lyrics by Richard Micallef and composer by Wayne Micallef and placed 6th.Place.


Collaborations Songs

Year Festivals Songs Performers Lyrics Music Placed Videos
2013 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Wonderful Today Petra Zammit, Richard Edwards Richard Edwards Wayne Micallef 6th Place (Check for Video)


Year Festivals Songs Lyrics Music Placed Videos
2007 Malta Song For Europe 2008 Twelid Paul Ellul Mark Spiteri Lucas 6th Place
2008 Malta Song For Europe 2008 Street Car Of The Desire Rita Pace Elton Zarb 6th Place (Check for Video)
2010 L-Għanja Tal-Poplu 2010 Rakkont Ta'Omm Deo Grech Heathcliff Balzan (Check for Video)
2010 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2010 All I Need Keith Zammit Andrew Zammit 15th Place (Check for Video)
2011 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Unintentional Rita Pace Elton Zarb (Check for Video)
2013 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013 No One Home Richard Micallef Wayne Micallef (Check for Video)
2014 Malta Hit Song Contest 2011 Forget My Name Natasha Turner Heathcliff Balzan 2nd Place (Check for Video)
2018 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Muxu Matt Mercieca

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