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Martina Cutajar was born on the 9 August 2005 and lives in Ħal-Safi.

She is a singer/songwriter, plays the piano and she also studies and does Rockschool UK vocal exams recently getting a distinction on her Grade 6 vocal exam. Her vocal coaches are Joshua de Cadenéx and Claire McCartin.

Martina started singing at the age of 7, she also started playing the piano at age 10. She has the Grades from 1 till 4 in practice, all with a distinction and from Grades 1 till 5 in theory, all with a distinction. In 2012 she started participating in local festivals with great success.

In 2014 she started competing in international festivals abroad and went to Mirandola in Italy Microphono d’oro, Palermo and Bulgaria Silver Yantra and won 1st place in all of them. She also places 1st with two songs Come Saprei and Let It Go at Magic Melody Festival.

In 2015 she won 1st place with an original song Lil ommi in Konkors Melodija Maġika 2015 a festival with original songs only. Martina also participated in Sanremo Junior, placed 1st place in auditions and placed 2nd in the finals. In 2015 she also went to Poland, Mascalucia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Romania where she placed 1st and Grand Prix winner with an original song Una fata per Amica written by Carlos Vella Mansueto and composed by Andrew Zammit. She also won a Grand Prix in Malta in the festival of Erseb Production with the song Adagio.

In 2016 she won 1st place in an international festival in Malta Singer Stage. She went to Hungary and participated in the festival Star is born and won 1st place. In 2016 Martina also placed 2nd with an original song Għaliex composed and written by Carlos Vella Mansueto at Music was my first love festival. She also won the overall with the song Let it go at an Erseb production festival. She won an overall in the festival of Erseb Productions with an original song. She won also 2nd place in ‘Arpeggio’ international festival held in Malta by Erseb productions. A month after she won 1st place with 3 songs in the festival of Erseb Productions and a Grand Prix with the song Hello. In 2016 Martina went to Latvia to participate in the festival Riga Symphony winning 1st place, Venice Orfeo di Italia winning 1st place and Serbia Little Shells winning 2nd place. Back to Malta placing 1st with 2 songs and Overall winner with the song Unstoppable.

Started 2017 with 1st place and Overall winner in the festival of Stardust productions. In 2017 while in Malta, she won the auditions to represent Malta in Slavanski Bazar, an international festival in Belarus. In 2017 Martina placed 3rd in Sanremo junior and went to Romania to the festival Music for kids and placed 1st place. In 2017 she also won the Grand Prix Junior in the Singer Stage Malta International Festival with the songs Jar of Hearts and Rise up. Martina was also invited to sing on a T.V program Arani issa. She also placed 3rd in the WAFA online international festival.

In 2018 Martina went to the U.K at Ultimate Artist in Hertfordshire university for the 1st time, attending a performance course of 10 days. Went also to Euro pop in Germany and passed for the finals and placed 4th place. Again, in Erseb Productions she placed 1st place and overall runner up.

In 2019 Martina was chosen to be one of the presentors of L-Għanja tal-Poplu - Żgħażagħ 2019. She took part in a Panto of the St Benedict Productions. Martina took part in an international festival in Malta called Arpeggio and won 1st place and overall runner up with the song Bird set free. In 2019 Martina went again to the U.K at Ultimate Artist for a course in songwriting. Continuing in 2019, Martina was a finalist in the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 and placed 3rd place. The biggest achivement in 2019 is when Martina went to Italy at the festival Talent world contest and won the Grand Prix among 240 contestants and she was invited by the portuguese judge to sing with a live orchestra in Portugal. Again in Singer Stage Malta International Festival, Martina won 1st place with 2 songs. In December of 2019, Martina took part again in the Panto of the St Benedicts Productions.

In 2020, Martina won the The Entertainers Singing Challenge 2019-2020 on Net TV and furthermore she was invited to sing as a guest on the Entertainers as the winner of that year. Martina took part in Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2020 with her song Armonija, composed by Aldo Spiteri and lyrics by Emil Calleja Bayliss. Martina also sings every year on TV in Aid of Mission.

And in 2021 another great achivement was achived when Martina wrote her own original song with composing her own music and writing her own lyrics, Just the way it is. Martina was chosen to sing an original song that was composed and written by students of the St Benedict School. The song is about nature named Tard Wisq? and she also perfomed in the music video of that song and it was shown on TV, youtube and in a Climate change press-conference where the ministry of nature was present.

Martina also applied for X Factor Malta and she was chosen and passed for auditions. From the auditions she passed with 4 yeses, passed from bootcamp and was joined in a group and passed for the 6 chair challange. They gave a great performance and took a chair but then unfortunatly they replaced them and their journey ended there, it was a lovely and great experiance. Martina has a passion for Music and singing and she will continue to work hard and achive her dream, sharing her own music with people.



Year Songs Lyrics Composer Video
2021 Just The Way It Is Martina Cutajar Martina Cutajar (Click for Video)
2023 Rise Martina Cutajar Martina Cutajar (Click for Video)


Year Festival Songs Lyrics Composer Placed Video
2014 Għanja Ġmiel is-Seba Noti Żifna tan-Natura u l-Bnedmin Carlos Vella Mansueto Carlos Vella Mansueto
2015 Konkors Melodija Maġika 2015 Lil Ommi Carlos Vella Mansueto Carlos Vella Mansueto 1st Place (Click for Video)
2019 Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Spreading My Wings Paul Callus Aldo Spiteri (Click for Video)
2019 Għanja tal-Poplu F'Dirgħajn il-Ġejjien Paul Callus Aldo Spiteri
2020 KKI - Junior 2020 Armonija Emil Calleja Bayliss Aldo Spiteri (Click for Video)


Year Festival Songs Lyrics Composer Placed Video
2015 Una Fata Per Amica Carlos Vella Mansueto Carlos Vella Mansueto Grand Prix (Click for Video)
2019 U K Ultimate Artists Destination Martina Cutajar Martina Cutajar Slowcase (Click for Video)