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Carlos Vella Mansueto

Carlos Vella Mansueto was born on 1 August 1979. He is from il-Marsa but lives in Qormi as he recently got married to Donna Vella Mansueto. He is a vocal coach, singer, composer and writer.

Carlos has been active in music from the age of 16 years old. Ever since from this age , he was always involved in the activities of the Holy Trinity Parish Church. In fact, at this age, he was trusted to direct the religious children’s choir.

After successfully managed to direct the children’s choir,at the age of 18 he was approached to direct the adult’s choir of the Holy Trinity Parish Church in Marsa. He is still responsible for the adult’s choir to date.

He participated in diverse local festivals where he always placed with the runner ups. He achieved many awards too. He also Placed 2nd in the International festival Golden Cross Festival. Moreover, after he won the Singers and Artist Festival held by GM Productions, he used to open the show of the Miss Malta Contest.

He also used to write and coordinate musicals which were held during the Christmas Eve’s mass for his children Choir in Marsa.

Carlos Vella Mansueto

Apart from a singer, Carlos is a vocal coach. He has been coaching since 2009. His duties are vocal coaching technique and stage presence to his young students. As a result, his students achieved their goals in their singing festivals both locally and internationally. Moreover, he writes lyrics and composes music for his students to participate in local and international festivals. In fact, he placed respectively both 1st and 2nd place as the best writer during the festival Il Microfono D’oro in Mirandola, Italy. He also won other international festivals as a composer and writer in Hungary and Poland through his students and also placed with the runner ups with his original songs in local festivals.

In addition, Carlos writes and composes songs which are used during the Traditional feasts in Summer.

He wrote songs diverse band clubs and feasts’ organisations such as St.Nichola’s feast in is-Siġġiewi, St.George’s feast in Qormi, St.Geaten Feast in Ħamrun, St. Helen’s Band Club in Birkirkara (Tal-Bagri) in which he was chosen to compose and write the 175-anniversary anthem. This Anthem was launched at an annual concert organised by the band club and during the feast. This anthem was sung by himself, his wife and another singer. Carlos also composed the 25th Anniversary song for the 21st April Fire Factory in Qormi. He was also chosen to sing a concert during a Christmas concert organised by the Stella Maris Band Club in Sliema.