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Shannon Muscat

Shannon Muscat was born on 12 March 1996. She comes from in-Naxxar and she, is the oldest daughter of Michelle and Ivan Muscat. Shannon is a Singer.

Shannon has been singing for the past 13 years. She took part in several local singing competitions where she honor it. Among these are the rich people which took part in 2006 with the song Il Fejn words and music of Augusto Cardinali.

With this song Shannon was rewarded for the best interpretation. In the same contest in 2007 she once again had chosen another song named Bil-Maqlub words and music by Rita Pace this time Shannon gained second place and best social theme as lyrics. Among international competitions Shannon took part in the Golden Cross International Singing Festival in 2006 with the song Il Fejn, where she obtained the prestigious Grand Prix prize.

One could mention also the TV program which was carried out between 9 months to complete in 2004/ 2005 where the children were prepare their song, dance and 3 minutes drama every each Sunday. For Shannon this was a wonderful experience, and she had several opportunities to sing duets of them is when with Matthias Brancaleone Vivo per lei sang with the Armed Forces of Malta under the tent at Christmas time in Christmas days at Valletta.

In another occasion together with Matthias singing with the St George’s Band in a concert making the holiday eve. Wonderful opportunity that was given to Shannon by Zep Camilleri who was his teacher of drama in the same program named Bravi. In October 2006 she took part in the Musical Sebastian which played an important role along with Julie Zahra.

In 2009 she also took part in the contest Ilwien Muzikali and got the 2nd place with the song Infern on dealing with child abuse on words and music ta' Rita Pace. In the same year 2009 it took part in the contest Junior Singers Festival where she obtained the first place with the song Jien min Jien (I'm who I am) by Ray Mahoney.

Shannon thank many people during this road bestowed several other opportunities in singing these opportunities served to build his character. Shannon believes that when working for what you want to acquire.

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