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Matthias Brancaleone

Matthias Brancaleone was born on the 16 December, 1997 at St Luke’s Hospital in Gwardamanġia, Malta, he lives at Ħal-Qormi. He is a Singer.

At 2004 he began taken singing lessons at the age of 7. The first tutor that had to teach him was Olivia Lewis, and he learned a lot from her and she was a great tutor.

Two years later in 2006 the St George’s Band Club give him a chance to sing in the Christmas home concert.

In the same year he changed his tutor and began taken singing lessons with Isabelle Zammit.

One of the most beautiful experiances was, that he participated in a trio group Unison composer with Cherylis Camilleri, Albertine Abela and Matthias and they placed first in an important festival named as L-Għanja tal-Maltin with the song Waqtiet.

Matthias also sang with the Armed Forces Of Malta (AFM) band in a christmas Concert In The Capital City Of Malta, Valletta.

Also one year later, in 2008 he had the opportunity to sing with the same local band in St George's feast. he sang a duet song that is named The Prayer with a young local singer Maria Debono.

In 2009 he also participated in the concert Ġensna. This was a Concert that it was held in Mediterranean Conference Centre in which, he was part of the choir.

Also in November of the same year, he had to be in one of the Leading roles in Saint George's Musical, Ġorġi, Fjur ta’ Martri which was held in Catholic Institute at Floriana.

The part which he lead was that of St George in his childhood times. This was a really good experiance and he learned a lot from it.

In 2010 he participated in the choir during a mass that was being held at Floriana. This happened when Pope Benedittu XVI visited Malta.

On the date of May 25 2013 he began an experiance that from that date till now he had learned a lot from it. When hi join with Le Voux Academy and began taken singing lessons with Gillian Attard.

With her, Matthias have many opportunities to show his talent voice. he made some apperances on tv . One of them, is that he sang at the Puttinu Marathon.

On the 12 June, 2014 he went with Gillian Attard and some other students to Music Village Club in Calabria. And Matthias sang in front of some important people in the music business.

He will also, be one of the backing vocals in Gaia Cauchi & Federica Falzon Concert that was held on the 7 of August, 2014 at Ħal Għaxaq Grounds.

He was chosing that at about September, 2014 he will be representing Malta at the Cantagiro program that will be held at fiuggi in Rome Italy. This is a very important opportunity for him and for his career

Now he is representing Malta for the second time in his career in Baltic Voice in Lithuania On July 2015 , thanks to a local festival that was producted by Erseb productions and get the 2nd Place.