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Ray Mahoney was a musical lyricist, born in San Ġiljan on the 1st June 1949. A member of the Moviment Qawmien Letterarju, he began writing poetry in 1963.

Counted as lirik poet since the sixties, when it was one of the co-founders of the Literary Revival Movement, his writing has been described as very melodjuża sound of the lines trimmed, and probably nostalgic intimate style . His poetry Hij good example of romanticism modernized. Professor Dr.Olivier Figgieri calls to Mahoney musician Maltese poetry.

any of his poems appeared in books and anthologies. Among them,Aged 19, he co-authored the book entitled Antenni,then after write books like Poet International, Dawl fil-Persjani, Għoxrin Rebbiegħa, il-Muża Maltija, Linji Ġodda, Orizzonte Senza Fine, Cross Winds, published in England, il-Poeżija Maltija, Turġien, Ħodon Qronfol, Il-Miġra, Ward mal-Mogħdija, Qawsalla, Disgħa Għal Disgħa, Mwieġ and others.

Other writings include novels and plays that have been raised on behalf of Politeatru, as well as two novels When the wind blowing against and winter far from Friday. In 1991 and 1992 the Songs Could it Be by Paul Giordimaina and Georgina Abela and Little Child by Mary Spiteri were placed sixth and third respectively in the Eurovision Song Festival, and other good songs like Her Comes My Lover for Karen Polidano.

Ġensna (1982) was on of the first Rock Opera in Maltese lyrics in the event of the country. It is a powerful and patriotic task with trims of Verisim, emotion and other factual much elevation. Tragic and triumphed.

After Ġensna, Mahoney write ten others musicals: Bastilja (1989), Ulied in-Nanna Venut fl-Amerika (1991), Il-Gwerra ta’ Spiru Cefai (1992), Ali Baba (1994), Żeża tal-Flagship (1996), It-Tfalja tal-Palazz (1997), It-Tieġ ta’ Karmena Abdilla (1999), Rita (ta’ Cascia (2000), Manuel! Manuel! Il-Bandiera tal-Maltin (2000), and Jien Ġużeppi (2006).

Apart from that, he had read the news for a long time on Maltese television, For radio got many good programes, one of them was a series named Intaqgħu Hemm. Today he should keep reading novels and the popular romance story on the station One Radio.

Raymond Mahoney was awarded the Diploma of Associazione Dio Pan Culturale di Firenze, while in 1979 won the edition of the Malta Music Awards as the best author.

He died on Tuesday 25 July 2023 at the age of 74.