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Janice Debattista (born 6 February 1985) is a singer from Malta.

She is the lead singer for Christian rock band Salt.

In 2006 she graduate BA (Hons) in Social Studies from the University of Malta, and went on to read a PGCE in the same subject the following year. Subsequently, she has worked as a teacher at San Anton School as well as an EU Fund Officer within the Ministry of Education and Employment.

In 2013 she became known to a more mainstream audience by taking part in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013, sing Perfect Day written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat who also wrote the winning song in that year's contest. Perfect Day placed 10th in the final round of the contest, but televoters did not rank it in their top 10 choice for the final.

In spite of the spelling of her name, she prefers to be known as "Janis".