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Michael Tabone born at Xagħra, Gozo on 27 November,1953. He has been active as an actor for over thirty years and acting plays with theater companies in key Malta.

Michael began to show interest in drama when he attended a course in MTADA (Manoel Theatre Academy of Dramatic Arts) between 1978 and 1980. In two years he trained in acting, in voice and movement techniques and acting in producation student of drama that have become Manoel Theatre as part of the course.

In 1980 he joined a group of ex-student of Ii MTADA together founded the theater company Actors' Studio. With this group he took part in several plays and also led the comedy Il-Ħabel (The Rope) (Rudens) of the classical Roman writer Palutus and play The Caretaker Harold Pinter.

He interpreted numerous characters from both classical and contemporary theater, including Kreon (Antigone of Sofokle), Agamemnon (Ħekuba of Ewripide), Jourdain (The Would Be Gentleman of Moliere), Barabbas (The Jew of Malta by Christopher Marlowe) Caliban (The Tempest of William Shakespeare), Ripafratta (La Locandiera of Carlo Goldoni), Il-Kardinal (The Cardinal) (Galileo of Bertold Brecht), Davis (The Caretaker Harold Pinter), Helicon (Caligula by Albert Camus), Earl of Gloucester (King Lear by William Shakespeare), Coulmier (Marat-Sade of Peter Weiss) and Max (The Homecoming of Harold Pinter).

Worked also key parts in plays Maltese authors including Ġuże Chetcuti 1919, Il-Kerrejja (The Tenants), Oreste Calleja (Il-Beliegħa fir-Bir), [[Oliver Friggeri] Ir-Rewwixta (Uprising), Joe Vella Bondin Meta Sa Jisbaħ? (When will dawn?), John Suda Il-Monstru ta’ Selmun (The Selmun Monster), Trevor Zahra Is-Surmast (The Headmaster), Ħanut tal-Ħelu (Sweet Shop), Ritratti Sepja ( Sepia Photos), Vince Vella Ħal-Tmiem (The End village), Duħħan (Smoke), Għax Hekk (Just Because), Valerjana (lamb) and Joe Friggieri Kafe’ Chagall (Coffee Chagall), Tkun darb’ oħra Mikelanġ (Is again Mikelang), Trappisti (Trappist), Caravaggio: l-Inkjesta (Caravaggio Inquiry), L-Għanja tac-Ċinju (Carol of a Swan). In plays of Francis Ebejer appeared as Sarid f’ Is-Sejħa ta’ Sarid (Call of Sarid), Nannu (Ħitan) (Grandma), Tal-Lukanda/Taxi (Menz) and Rikkard in Meta Morna tal-Mellieħa (When We went Mellieħa).

Between 1984 and 1997 Michael was very active with theater company Koperatturi which was one of the founding members along with Carmel S. Aquilina, Alfred Mallia, John Suda and Manuel Cauchi. With Koperatturi he appeared in more than thirty stanzas held at the Manoel Theatre, the Catholic Institute and Sir Temi Zammit Hall University, to a large extent directed by Carmel S. Aquilina, and was involved in great works like The Tempest, Mother Goose, and Noe u L-Arka.

For the past twenty seven years Michael was a teacher with the Drama Unit of the Department of Education where mapped and rreċta konsiderevioli number of projects of Theatre-in-Education (TIE) for students. It was also a teacher at the Malta Drama Center where he gives lessons in acting and theater history.

Michael has participated in many radioplays on Rediffusion and Cable Radio and teleseries and television series including on MTV, a production of Diego Fabbri’s ‘ Processo a Ġesu’ know in Maltese ‘Kristu fiż-Zbarra’, It’Tfal Jiġu bil-Vapuri, (The Children Are coming with Ships), Delitti Maltin (Maltese Crimes), Undercover, Sptar San Valentino (San Valentino Hospital), and Ħażen u Mrar (Evil and Bitterness). Also appeared in several films including Black Eagle, Operation White Dove, Casque Bleu, Helen of Troy and Agora.