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Rediffusion set

Rediffusion (Malta) Limited was the first radio broadcaster in Malta. It started broadcasting in 1935, after it had been given the power and authority by the Government of Malta to operate sponsored radio programmes as well as ordinary commercial radio programmes. It was launched with the aim of countering Fascist propaganda from Italy. It had been given a complete monopoly of broadcasting of news, features, music and entertainment to about 50,000 subscribers.

Since not all the people had the Rediffusion service at home, loud speakers were placed in public squares to transmit the news to the public. During World War II, whenever Malta was under enemy fire, Rediffusion radio served as a source to inform the people when an air raid was possible, and after it has ended.

In February 1960 the Government of Malta issued a statement on the future of television and sound broadcasting, saying that Malta should have its own television service as soon as it could be introduced. The Governor of Malta entered into discussions with Rediffusion Malta, Ltd., with a view to negotiating an agreement with them for the provision of a television service and the continuation of sound broadcasting in Malta and Gozo. This meant the Government decided that the firm which already had a monopoly of sound broadcasting was also to be given a monopoly for television broadcasting. Rediffusion Malta was to have the sole right of presenting news, views, entertainment, either on sound radio or television to the people of Malta.