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Catholic Institute Auditorium

The idea that the Church has a center of education, recreation and culture had been tberren religious mind of the leaders of the Church since 1939. In 1945 established a commission under the leadership of Mgr. Arturo Bonnici to study the possibility of this project and draw up a plan as this may occur. Having been chosen the place, request the Government for the acquisition of land which was to be built, was launched a contest for progejt, and after several submissions in 1953 was approved as the architect Michele Busuttil. On 4 December 1954 Mgr. Archbishop Michael Gonzi blessed the first stone of this building, which six years of work was ready to open to the public

Meanwhile became activities and collection of money mainly by members of Catholic Action, which was to transfer its Central Seat Palazzo Caraffa for Catholic Institute at Floriana.

On 18 May 1960 became the official openings of the place and the blessings of the ECC. My Mgr. Gonzi. Were prepared various activities to commemorate this event, which focused on the person of St. Paul, because in the same year was the centenary be celebrated in Malta

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The Catholic Institute today, outside the Catholic Action, which has maintained its Central Headquarters which, also hosts several other movements of the National Catechetical Commission, the Movement of Cana, the Institute of Pastoral Formation, direction of the Voice of the Thoroughly and Culture Commission of the Archdiocese.

Which made various topics courses, talks and other activities, not only by resident organizations, but also by groups and foreign organizations, to find the facilities to offer the Catholic Institute comfortable for their needs.

Recreational and cultural activities held in the Theatre, which has been designed and equipped by Italian firm under the supervision of Prof. C. Montecamozzo, with special attention to acoustics. 2007 saw strong investment which new sedes, digital equipment noise and lights, curtains and other accessories to offer better facilities for both producers representations made therein, as well as for the audience to follow them.

Directors who led this institution throughout the last fifty years have been:-