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Madelene Farrugia

Madeliene Farrugia was born in il-Marsa on August 29, 1955. Daughter of Ġużeppi Bugeja and Marianna nee’ Galea. the sixth of eight siblings.

She married Philip Farrugia on 6 March 1977. Is a mother of three.

Madeliene started as a continuity announcer with Xandir Malta in November 1975, on what was then known as the 'A' Network of Broadcasting Malta (ex-Rediffusion, today PBS) which used to broadcast in English. Due to re-structuring, she moved to Radju Malta Muzikali, an all music station broadcasting in Maltese. Transmission was live and music varied from pop to classical.

She stopped as Continuity Announcer at the end of 1977 to start a family but still continued presenting musical programs and talk shows. Among them, a thirteen programme series, about bees and honey. Written and produced by Sammy Vella. Also, children's programmes in collaboration with producer/presenter George Peresso. On televison she presented programmes aimed at small children and quizzes for early teens viewers. A favourite was Nilgħabu Għad-Dell. Prime time tv shows among others, included Tisliba Teżor co-presented with Vincent Scerri. Other work included voice-overs for documentaries and advertisements. In 1988 she was asked to return to continuity announcing by the late Charles Arrigo who at the time was Assistant Head of Programmes.

In May 1992 Mr. Norman Hamilton called her and asked her to be part of Super One, later known as ONE Radio. The following day she began presenting L-Għażla tas-Semmiegħa (Listeners' Choice). A one-hour programme from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, the show was broadcast from 9.00 till 11.45am. It was very popular and hundreds of request letters poured-in each week. The most popular song those days, was Little Child / Tfajjel Ċkejken by Mary Spiteri which placed third in the Eurovision Song Festival 1992.

A few months later Norman Hamilton resigned his post and Madeleine was asked to do the show in his stead. She accepted whole heartedly and continued where Norman left off.

Madelene Farrugia

Over a span of more than twenty years Madeleine hosted many radio shows. Among her favourites were talk/discussion programmes broadcast between 10.00pm and midnight. Mostly in collaboration with Ray Azzopardi.

Another show that was well liked by the listeners was on a much lighter note. It was based mostly on phone-ins. Listeners were asked to tell a joke. The presenters also had a few of their own to tell. At the end of the show the best joke received a prize. This programme was co-presented and produced by Claudio Tonna. It was so popular, that another station picked the idea up and broadcast a similar programme for several years.

Iljieli Mediterranji (Mediterranean Nights) at Argotti Garden was a festival showcasing Maltese musical and literary talent. It was here that for the first time she was offered to present on stage. Though not an easy job for her she accepted to present Mary Spiteri in Concert together with Ray Azzopardi. Since then, she has presented several concerts and literary evenings. Meeting a good number of personalities. Among the first was Greek singer Demis Roussos whose concert she presented alongside Claudio Tonna at Ta' Qali.

Madeliene Farrugia stopped broadcasting on 30 April, 2014.