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Kyle Zarb

Kyle Zarb was born on 14 January 1995, and lives with his family at iż-Żurrieq, Malta. He is an upcoming singing artist who loves music as one of his best friends, with which he expresses himself both with others and also personally.

Kyle had a very simple childhood; been to school, hung around with his home-town friends and also attended to local communities. At this period, Kyle was always thinking about his ambition of doing something that fulfill himself, and that was nothing but singing. At Secondary school he committed himself in several scholastic events were he had the opportunity to perform with singers who were already more into the local music scene; such as Romina Mamo, Ryan Axisa and Mark Portelli.

Kyle Zarb

At the age of 17, Kyle took a step forward and started working harder for his singing career. On Saturday nights he started to sing in several karaoke bars together with his friends; one of which was Aleandro Pace Tahir, a multi-talented artist; who continously helped him in getting new opportunites. At a later stage, he started singing lessons with vocal coach, Glen Vella who is currently training Kyle to improve his vocal abilities.

In 2014, he had the opportunity to perform during Sfera programme, a discussion televised programme dedicated to youths, streamed live on Fliving.

During last Summer 2015, Kyle was selected as one of eight backing vocalists to perform during 'Strummin' What a feeling which happened between 9th and 10th October in Sir Temi Zammit Hall.

While attending vocal training with Glen Vella from Vocal Booth Studios, in October 2015 Kyle joined Vocal Troupes together with a bunch of talented artist directed by the talented Pamela Bezzina. Back in December 2015, Kyle has also formed part of Romina Vella Choir with whom he performed during Christmas concerts and events.

Last Summer, for the second consecutive time Kyle was selected as one of eight backing vocalists for 'Strummin' 2016 Let's Dance'. On 5th and 6th November 2016, Kyle had joined 10 soloists on stage namely; Ozzy Lino, Neville Refalo, Janice Debattista, Ryan Grech, Dorothy Borg Bonnici, Paul Cuschieri, Jean Claude Vancell, Luke Cucciardi, Paul Torpiano, and Stephanie Bonnici. Kyle and the other backing vocalists were coached by the talented,Cheryl Camilleri alongside the assistance of Janice Debattista, who was also the Singer Coordinator for the edition.

Kyle is looking forward to perform in more events to come in the near future.

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